Monday, September 17, 2012

The Expected plan for a surprise

Nearly failed but it didn't!
Storied heard from them, mostly Shar n KL.
Previous post is my situation.
It may be wrong, but this is what I heard. hehe


Shar had planned this surprise for me ever since she came back from UTP, perak.
She called the gang n confirm a day with them to come out n eat dinner during Sat.
But due to my plans to Johor, I couldn't go.
Shar was panicking o.olll She said she called them immediately, asking whether they could change it to Sun instead..
A few of them said ok, a few said maybe, which made her more nervous.
But good thing most of them can go for dinner that night. So, plan began,
Shar came up with a lie, telling me that it was for spying on the restaurant's food, n in which her mom made reservations n will be joining shortly.
Around 6.45pm, KL (seriously =.=) fetched her to my house... n we left for the restaurant.
KL was in the car with QY, DEA, COCO N KX... (gosh they're like ninjas, how didn't i notice =.=)

At the restaurant, we went to confirm our reservation for a table.
She booked it for 6 people, but said it was only for 2 people.
But when the lady double confirmed, she said 6.
It slipped thru her mouth, with her thinking,"ohsheet"...
plus the reservation phone no. was 017, which made her worry more....
but soon their plans worked when I was very surprised to see them all walking in the door.

After fetching Coco home, KL drove to my house, with KX, Dea n QY in the car.
Before I came out, they lighted up the candles on the homemade cake n presented it to me on the car porch, surprising me the 2nd time.
I thought, no wonder Shar wanted to buy icing sugar....
coz it was on the homemade cake with a NYEAH face...  O.O

about the presents,
I forgot how i kept asking KL to check the price of Tablo's album : Fever's End for me... not realising something's happening....
The jazz album was when Shar noticed me always holding or looking at Jazz albums, saying how nice they were everytime we were in a CD shop...
gosh i have more 漏洞 than i expected -.-
but it was truly a very unforgettable moment that i will cherish!!!
18th Bday rocka yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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