Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A step by step! :D
Just felt like doing it.
Found this sketch last 2 days ago and decided to finish the whole thing up.
Plus I've seen a tutorial which is about watercolor on lineart, might as well give it a try.
Spamming patterns here n there is what I like to do, although I can say too much can't be good. Heheh
Plus as usual, I'm forced to photoshop it since I was using my phone to take pictures of it.

The full version of Lotus can be seen here:
Lotus by Strvayne
There's more details there :D
It was fun doing this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Japan trip!!

Too much to say, too lazy to type.
It's better to hear me say out my experience instead of seeing mere words here.

But it was a memorable trip, in which the weather and season suits my likings very much. :)
Thanks to a very very cheap offer by AirAsia, the ticket prices made it possible for my family and I to travel to Japan-- one of my to-visit countries!
It was like a dream coming true to me, and I didn't even realise that it was time to travel there on the night before our flight!
The best part is, it's end of autumn and the beginning of winter, in which the weather is approximately between 1C-10C, which is cold at night and cool in the morning, just my type of weather!! :D

The image that the Japanese had gave me was:
- friendly
- heavy makeup on the face
- hardworking
- in order
- walking very fast
- up to date and on time

which was quite good, this makes it an opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn about their cultures and habits.
Pretty good exposure to me :)
I gave a title to the trip, which was
"3 Cities in 7 Days"
Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.
I personally liked Nara a lot, coz it's a town which has everything you need, and most of all,
they have deers :3
they're so cute!! although painful when bitten hehe
and the food made me convinced that Nara is more likeable.
The weather there wasn't as cold as Kyoto, which was good. Plus there are parks for people to jog or just have long walks, which I like a lot. :)

Osaka is the busy city, like Penang in Malaysia.
Everyone walks fast, sales here and there, fashion shops down the entire street.
Just a restless and busy city, especially at night. :)
The Kaiyukan (aquarium) gave me a wonderful sight,
especially the rotating school of fish and the whale shark.
Makes me appreciate the beauty of the ocean more~

Kyoto is like Melaka, full of  historical sights and wondrous views of nature.
There are many many temples and shrines which can be easily found since all of them are connected into a pathway, easing tourists to walk from temple to temple.
It can be tiring to walk from here to there since it's quite a big area, but it's good exercise to me. :D
I liked Kiyomizudera, it gave me a lot of inspiration just by looking at the structure and the name of the buildings. Plus I saw a few famous singers from Korea and Taiwan filming there for travel shows.
Well aren't I lucky to spot them :)

Anyway, just a small conclusion.
I will go to Japan once again, when I have the ability and oppertunity!!
Thanks again mom for making one of my little dreams come true. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happiness after a storm

My assignments and final projects are finally finished!! :D
I was so enthusiastic, I drew this.
Title : Flower Deer

The fact that this artwork got 20+ likes on my facebook is very very encouraging for me!!
It made me want to do better and better!!
Although 20+ sounds quite a few, but i know i can improve until i get more and more likes!!
I will work my way to the top!!

Back to the story, this encouraged me a lot when people tend to like it, I feel hope in me.
Compared to the last few days when I was quite down because I was starting to wonder whether I'm really fit to be an artist, this was a little hope for me. :)

I will work harder to produce more unexpected artworks!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sometimes, just sometimes...

I will think and wonder,
am I really an artist?
Am I doing it right?
why am I not good enough?
How can I excel and improve?

Sometimes I just get confused, or maybe it's because I wanted to be good at everything.
I haven't found my distinct style yet, and I keep wandering while trying out different mediums.
And in the end I'm lost.
Am I really counted as "good at drawing"? Or just a person who likes drawing?
In the end I don't know where to go.

But then after a night's sleep I tend to get back to my senses and motivate myself to be better!!
I must excel!!!
What's to give up on! I can do this!!
I can move on further!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm being temporary emo, since I tend to think too much :/

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blog header changed! :D

Figured that Christmas is coming soon, so I've decided to draw something, snowy.
It's been a while since I drew something with background.
I will further study and enhance my creativity on backgrounds!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Desire for Peace

A woman who wants peace and marriage, but is not allowed to do so, for she is a warrior meant to stain blood on battlegrounds.

Simple lineart with a dash of color using photoshop. 
Finally after so long, an artwork with an actual background ; v ;

Before and After! :D

 Weeks ago had nothing to do, so drew this for fun, and part of it to make myself feel much more "confident". orz

Anyways been a while since I've posted anything..
n I just have to say I'm still drawing.....
but then all my friends are harmonizing together slowly.. 
n the once foreign-feeling-like class of DG2 has become peaceful~
i know u, u know me~
that's what I seriously like..
a peaceful class/environment to concentrate on during classes. :D
oh gosh what crap m i talking about now.. ==

went to AFA2012 at singapore last week :D
It was waaay grander than the last few years... but then the crowd had grown too...
n that makes it even harder to "travel" around the area...
as usual i brought myself (n my bro :3) to the doujinshi/artists area..
i wanted to spend.... i've prepared enough money to do so..
but in the end i just bought some prints from artists i know...
there were 48 artist booths there.. but most of them didn't really interest me..
in the end i narrowed down my cart/to-buy list to the usual artists that i know n admire..
n as u know one of them is Kidchan :3 
Toonikun n kunisaki's prints were worth the buy too :D
found a new artist that draws portraits like mad, n bought his/her lightning fanarts too~
overall there were so many cosplayers, making everything look less dull.
I wanted to find 3 of my friends who are in the same class as me, 
and as they were cosplayers... it takes time to find them..
I heard that they were cosplaying Kuroko no Baske.. but i wasn't sure..
so i checked every cosplayer's face.. 
after finding them for four hours (plus walking around looking at merchandises), i gave up..
n then i passed by a subway restaurant nearby there.. there were a few cosplayers sitting there...
but i was too tired so i just passed by..

after i came back to malaysia...
i saw my friends' pictures...
they were the cosplayers at the subway restaurant!!!! O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they were cosplaying kuroko!!!!!!
stunned.... i just let it past..
at least i got my prints... = v ='' 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is a gift from me to my cousin Han!! :DD
although I don't know which version of saber does he like....
but then i'm interested in drawing Saber Lily,
so I gave it a shot and this came out.....
I'll work harder!!! goshhhhhhhhh
but it was fun :3
kinda like a practice for me...
as u can see my anime style has changed since studying at TOA...
n it has changed into the greater good... :3 

That's what's holding me recently...
since it's near to the end of sem 2!
So Imma kick it up a notch and focus more on assignments...
my brother plays one of my favourite games in front of me......
Shoot....... =________=
Charging myself to focus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

After a few months...

20 days since i've updated n posted here!!
there's a reason to all of this, coz
I've moved!!!
From point A to point B.....
oh wait, i meant i moved house, so it was quite hectic n busy.
especially during the moving house date, my gosh that was the most tiring day for me i guess.
Plus i realised that packing things into boxes wasn't the hard part, it was removing ur items from the boxes...
gosh by then u have to think which item goes where, n whatever u want to reveal or hide on shelves n drawers...

took me 2 days to fully unpack all the things..
but then it was my comics who were pain-staking..
coz i had to reorganize all of them, and as i said, think whether i'm gonna read this or see it as reference or anything at all..
so in the end i've decided to sell my comics ==
from this day onwards...
it has been the 6th day living here.. n i have to say i'm quite getting used to things.
It's just that the bed............ the mattress is new... so i'm still trying to cope with it...
but then, my back doesn't arch according to the mattress in 3 days -.-
so i hope it will fit perfectly into my back for,hmmmm.......... the rest of my life ==

plus these days the assignments r getting more again,
so gotta focus on them,
but then,
there's the new house chores...... orz
n i can't just sit there n do my assignments without a care in the world..
this house needs some help here n there....
so i'm balancing my world now..............

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lineart mania


Been drawing wierdly these days..
coz of figure studies this n that..
my style is wrong, so trying to merge it with the new knowledge i learnt during figure..
but thenn..
these 2 lineart r for stress coping :DDD
Some just for the relief of it!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yet another surprise!

This time from my classmates in which I wasn't that familiar with!
It was after figure class... (thurs) and we were all packing our things to go home..
then suddenly i heard wallace said, "1,2,3!"
wud in the world!!??
suddenly the class in which i consider as strangers sang a happy birthday song for me!!
i was in total shock!!!!
Chloe even said my face went red!!!
I didn't know what to do!
so i just bowed to them while saying thank u
a veryyyyyyy big grin on my face!!!
It felt like the first step to becoming greater friends with them!
I really wish to get to know them better,
n i hope for the next few years we all will become closer.
aaah i'm so touched by them ><
although some of them still didn't know how to pronounce my name,
but that's ok!!
at least the effort's there!!
n i appreciate it very very much!!

back to now,
today my mom n jenny jiex2 took me to get a haircut + highlight as a birthday gift!! :D
the saloon was in bangsar, and totally that hair makeover took about 3 hours o.o
my butt stiffens everytime... ==
but the result is very nice i must say :D
n now my hair is highlighted with a soft red, visible n obvious when under sunlight,
plus a bit of natural curves on the tail of my hair :3
I have to say, i really like this hairstyle..
although it isn't much difference to my last one~
thanks again mom n jenny jiex2!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My figure studies r helping me in progress with my coloring skills, in which muscle needs shadows etc.
There's a better understanding for me.. n i'm utilizing it :DDDD
the right white hand thingy is a skull... following where the skull arches in or out... i can determine the lightness on the face!
Gosh it's useful o.o
n that's why i really want to master it!!!!!

Finished scene:

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Expected plan for a surprise

Nearly failed but it didn't!
Storied heard from them, mostly Shar n KL.
Previous post is my situation.
It may be wrong, but this is what I heard. hehe


Shar had planned this surprise for me ever since she came back from UTP, perak.
She called the gang n confirm a day with them to come out n eat dinner during Sat.
But due to my plans to Johor, I couldn't go.
Shar was panicking o.olll She said she called them immediately, asking whether they could change it to Sun instead..
A few of them said ok, a few said maybe, which made her more nervous.
But good thing most of them can go for dinner that night. So, plan began,
Shar came up with a lie, telling me that it was for spying on the restaurant's food, n in which her mom made reservations n will be joining shortly.
Around 6.45pm, KL (seriously =.=) fetched her to my house... n we left for the restaurant.
KL was in the car with QY, DEA, COCO N KX... (gosh they're like ninjas, how didn't i notice =.=)

At the restaurant, we went to confirm our reservation for a table.
She booked it for 6 people, but said it was only for 2 people.
But when the lady double confirmed, she said 6.
It slipped thru her mouth, with her thinking,"ohsheet"...
plus the reservation phone no. was 017, which made her worry more....
but soon their plans worked when I was very surprised to see them all walking in the door.

After fetching Coco home, KL drove to my house, with KX, Dea n QY in the car.
Before I came out, they lighted up the candles on the homemade cake n presented it to me on the car porch, surprising me the 2nd time.
I thought, no wonder Shar wanted to buy icing sugar....
coz it was on the homemade cake with a NYEAH face...  O.O

about the presents,
I forgot how i kept asking KL to check the price of Tablo's album : Fever's End for me... not realising something's happening....
The jazz album was when Shar noticed me always holding or looking at Jazz albums, saying how nice they were everytime we were in a CD shop...
gosh i have more 漏洞 than i expected -.-
but it was truly a very unforgettable moment that i will cherish!!!
18th Bday rocka yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An Unexpected Surprise. (My situation)

That was what I had yesterday (16.09.2012) O___________O
My face was practically like..
N it went like this...

One fineeee day,
Shar asked me wanna go makan on Sunday,(me n her only) since she n KX's leaving for perak on Monday...
i accepted it, not noticing that she was constantly confirming with me about dinner..
I didn't notice, so i just assume it's on.
Then i remembered i asked QY whether she wanna yamcha on that night... so might as well ask her to come together for dinner... but i forgot to ask..
Sunday : Shar's parents fetched her to my house. n we set off to a restaurant around Sg. Buloh.
She told me that her mom wants her to spy around the restaurant's food and compare the price with her mom's own restaurant. So her mom may be coming or might not.
We arrived at the restaurant.. finding our reservations (btw i saw my relatives there :D such a coincidence~).. i noticed the reservation's for 6 people, which was wierd...
But my curiosity faded off when Shar told me maybe her mom's business partners r coming along too..
but when she checked the phone no. for reservation..
it was 017...
I thought... wierd... i don't remember Shar's mom being a hotlink user...
Doubt... hmm...... but nvm la.. i just sat down on the 6 seated table.
Then when i was chatting with Shar..
I saw something................ or someone to be exact...
KL O____O
what's she doing here? makan dinner with her family? But i didn't see her family..
instead i saw QY, KX, DEA n COCO..
after reorganizing my brain's logical reasons, i knew why.
On the same time, Shar gestured to KL n said,
"Meet my mother."

なるほど(Oh i see)
This dinner is a gathering, also functions as a celebration for my b'day O.O
Awww i was so touched....... I can't stop smiling when i saw all of them here..
The friends I dearly cared for
Since everyone was busy with their own lives, it was really hard to actually gather, sit down and talk.
It was very very nice. :)
After that they wanted to come to my house.. but they'll fetch Coco back first..
So i just drove home with Shar in my car...
actually Yen Nee wanted to come, but something came up and she couldn't make it..
But that effort of wanting to come is enough for me to be very very happy!

Then I reached home n opened my com..
I heard the outside door opened n I thought oh they're here. (since Lilo's barking also -.-)
Then out of nowhere they held a handmade choc cake into my house, with lighted candles and a NYEAH face (>:D) on the cake...
this is way tooo surprising!!!!!!!!!!!
I was sooo enthusiastic that i jumped up n down after they sang a outoftunebutverylovely birthday song for meh!! They asked me to make a wish.
Within 5 secs, i wished 3 wishes that came in my mind 1st n straightaway blew the candles..
They were shocked how fast i was, but then MEH~ that's how i roll B)
I placed the cake in the living room table and they handed out something...
first was KL n QY's gift :
TABLO'S ALBUM -FEVER'S END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i thought it was impossible to find, but here it is!!!!
GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually squealed and jumped around with it!!
HENG AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Then Shar, KX n Dea's present was
Da Hell!!!!! How they'd know imma Jazz lova!!!!
I straightaway opened the CD n played it with the PS3.
Gosh....... soothing and very very nice!!!!!
Just what I loved!!
The whole album sounds so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't thank them enough for their very very very very very very very precise presents!!!!

 After that we went for 2nd round.
Drinks :D
After fetching Dea home, KL, Shar, KX n I went to Publika for a drink!
Ahhh the environment and the view n the music n the drink weaves nicely
N i'm satisfied :D
Then the day ended with me fetching them home (KL driving home), and going to bed with a smile.

Maybe I wasn't really hoping for anything, that's why I was surprised when all of this happened.
From the depths of my heart, I'm very sure the shocked feeling was true.
N of course, the happiness within.
Thanks a lot guys!!!
You made my heart so shocked and lame (coz i didn't found out)
and u gave me.... what i wished forrrrrr
aah the lyrics changing kinda sucks =.=
but sincerely, thanks a lot!


Friday, September 14, 2012

New WIP Project

I've decided to explore how to make videos, thanks to KL for spiking my interest of it. I'm going to illustrate a story using my main characters, with the main theme and title called "Hope".
I don't know when it'll be finished due to my pile of assignments on the go, but hopefully I can see it grow and conclude!
The concept of the video is to make it like a trailer, but nothing's moving in it, just simple illustrations showing how the story moves on. It's something like the vocaloid videos that has storylines, using pics to tell a story.
Well, hope this will work!!!! :DD

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Burst of Colour

Latest watercolour artwork! :D
Finished it yesterday out of the kick to experiment with colours.
Plus after seeing an inspirational video of speed painting by Wan Ling,
This is how it came to be. :)
Used actual/good quality watercolour paper, n it colours like a breeze..
the feeling when u're painting on the paper was divine!!
No wonder it's so expensive!
But that is a gift from Pei Hui last year!
So I thank her again for it! :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Talk Play Love

Something for KL n QY n my sub-blog TPL !! :D
A little doodle since I'm still having my sem-break!
I used the usual clothing we wear! (except for the white shoes.. they're random..)
QY with her lovely shirts, me with my pink famish, n KL with her dresses!
Consider this a little gift to QY n KL.. although it's nothing actually ahaha

Another 2 artworks!!
Actually the 1st one is quite a while back..
decided to colour it using random textures..
And the 2nd one is actually drawn using a calligraphy brush..
= v =

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two in One!

" If only we lived a normal life, then I can treasure you forever."
"But fate doesn't allow us."

Innocent Love
Two in 1 day!
i mean finished them..
It's been a while since I actually painted with semi-watercolours!
They're semi coz I don't think the watercolours I bought are actual watercolour paints.
Both are inspired by the most recent anime I finished in 3 days,
Kimi ni Todoke!
Veryyyyyyy nice n sweet anime!
Something to get away from all those action-packed or just plain horny anime!
Refreshing and enjoyable!
Both artworks r also inspired by Kimi ni Todoke's OST,
which are both called "Kimi ni Todoke"(song name)
very very inspirational,
even the lyrics are touching, especially after you watch the anime!!!

assignment time.
= 3 =

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My college life! & book fest!

Uh... my college life is drawn into this artwork! :D
Each part of the artwork means something!!
it's up to u to figure it out!
yeah, even the cloud-like bubbly thingy at the neck has meaning!
n it's all connected to how i felt about my 1st sem college life...
can't help it if it gets a bit emo,
coz i was listening to sad songs = v = lll

went to book fair yesterday!!
n uhh...
there were so many books going for such a low price..
e.g. RM109.90 -> Rm 12.90
i saw the price n i just took the book!!!!
plus it has an interesting storyline!!
so uhhh i took 4 eng books(3 hard cover) n 4 chinese books!! :DD
was very very very happy!!
i treasure them all the way home = v =!
my mom saw the 8 books n she reminded me by saying,
"I thought someone said she won't buy any books at book fest, and went there just to LOOK at books. "
= = "
obviously i can't hold on to that...
beh tahan nia...
books!! how can i resist........

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I miss PHOTOSHOP ==/Bookfest/sunway lagoon


anyways, my com is still not back home from "hospital" yet...
n i friggin miss CG!!!
it's been a long time since I've drawn something using a compiutah!!!!
n i really hope i can get it back soon.
since frequently using my bro's com is not that safe too.. coz if a little virus comes in his com, I'm gonna run for my life.

the annual bookfest is coming!!!
n i'm sho excited!!
don't ask me why but i'm attracted to books~
that's just how i m :3

Plus went to sunway lagoon with my bunch of college friends.
there was a running man concept in which there's contestants, PD n of course the VJ...
N i was the one holding the cam
it went well at first..
but at some point it became too long of a wait, n in the end everyone decided to have some fun at the waterpark.
it was quite fun, but then it's friggin tiring also!!!
my gosh running n walking around the entire sunway lagoon
my feet just killed me yesterday
but then after all that we had dinner with our figure studies lecturers, ZY n jeffery! :D
the weird part is fetching them from college to the restaurant O.O
but there was Yeelu n yenyong in the car so it wasn't that weird..
after all that i just went home coz it was too late, n there's a traffic jam waiting for me ==
can't really believe there's traffic jam during 10pm = . =
n then finally found out it was due to an accident..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sem Break starting point!

 Alphonse Mucha, a 19th century artist drew these.. n i like it a lot! his other artworks r awesome too!

Finally the first sem break in my college life! :D
meaning i survived the 1st sem!!
actually it was a good experience, i mean studying in college for one sem..
it's just that my classmates r gonna reshuffle again
meaning time to make new friends.
but i don't mind, but pleaseee let them be decent ><

 Hmm maybe I'm an expressionless robot or something..
my brain doesn't really feel the longing or missing being in the same class with friends.....
it's just that we're diff class.. but then we're still friends,
we can still meet up u know...
n of course i'll ALWAYS remember the class in which i studied my foundations with..
especially a blonde who looked like the mascot of our class..
i only wish everyone a very very good luck in surviving the next 2.5 years to come!
ganbatte desu!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summary of my Lecturers

Since my semester 1 is ending soon... I'll just post..
What I remember most about my lecturers.

Design 1(William) - "Ah Boy/Girl aaaa..."/"Ben 10 with a character called four arms"/"NICHOLAS"
H.A.D (Hui Ling) - "Check out this artwork, and compare it to the previous one." > very History-of-Art teacher like..
LCS 1 (Ms. Pinky) - Anything about Bangkok, Thailand coz she keeps using that as Presentation 1 example./ Voice tones / Body language
Design 2 (She Mei) - Can't really stick her into my "NICE Lexturers" list.. But she's a bit........ ngeh..
Design 2 (Azma) - "DON'T save your AI file into the server folder or I'll come find u n lecture u aaa!"/ VERY straight to the point, n says what she sees n very straight-forward opinions. Sometimes funny too :D
Drawing 1 (Sing Hooi) - Casanova. ==
Drawing 1 (Jas) - "Don't draw the xxx like this or I'LL KILL YOU."/Very loving-like lecturer who can draw aweshomely!! There's a "jie jie" feel from her :D
Figure Studies (Zhuo Yu) - "Don't always draw the 3D form of the rib cage/pelvis like this, it should be more like this(draws on board)." Most people thinks he's strict, but from the 1st week, I got a "ge ge" feel from him, he's ok. :D
Figure Studies (Jeffery) - Sampat dao........... == But he's aweshome too! :D His facial expressions are...... abundant... ahahaaha
Malaysian Studies (Fadzillah) - "I'll tell u straightaway, since I puasa today, so I have no energy to teach u all today." =.= oh....kay.....? Well, at least we can go home early :D

Overall they're good lecturers, and some (I won't say who) of them I will find them again or remember them!
Now to face the exams 1st!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nostalgic or Stressed?

I'm either or neither... but then.... i don't know..
somehow the stress builds up on me...
my mentality isn't really affected by it..
but I'm physically affected.. o.o
that makes me wonder is there something wrong with me..?

I think too much..
anyways assignments r starting to build up, get serious and the least bit of tough i guess..
my other assignments r moving on, but there's a particular class in which makes me wonder for a long time..
Drawing 1.
It's hard to get an A for that assignment...
I only get Bs... n i ain't that satisfied..
coz there's contour, shading, tone, proportions, this n that...
too much to worry about..
n then, there's the time limit...
plus if the lecturer comes in late, our time limit shortens too.. =.=
rush rush rush... every wed evening aha..
gotta practice myself i guess... focus focus..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

R.I.P Snowy

3.7.2012  May my little white rabbit Snowy rest in peace and find peacefulness in her afterlife.

Aaah it's a heartbreaking scene to endure, especially the time when I had to look after her, but looked at her slowly die in pain instead, n there was nothing i could do. I just patted her already unrecognized forehead slowly n told her what a good rabbit she was to me.

Doubtless that this made an impact on my mood today.. nothing really could shove me off the fact that I lost Snowy. but then, she's an olllllld rabbit, n it's normal for her to grow old n leave.

I knew what will happen when she 1st got that tumor, n gosh im prepared for this.
Anyways I'll wish her a very safe journey to heaven, n i'll miss the days i hold her in my arms, n when she's ignoring me. ahaha

Rest In Peace, Snowy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mind Sets

Heh, still can't quite take my eyes off this album...

Hmm i found out recently that..
My mind set or what I'm thinking is not that similar to my friends in college...
Is it because I wasn't a former art stream student during high school?
Coz all i knew during form 4-5 is cerebellum, acceleration and sodium benzoate .___.
which i studied for 2 years n doesn't really help much in college...
ahahhaa well then...
i know some of them are also science stream converting to art..
but then sometimes... i find it surprising of how they think is so.....
art student ahahhaha
well can't really blame them.
It's also quite a problem to interpret what they're thinking sometimes..
there's some who think they are very awesome in what they're doing (full of pride), n some who think they're mentally strong when sometimes it isn't really worth comparing...

overall im thralled by how my science-based mind will cross paths with artfully coloured minds.
but then... Im a bit thralled by one of my friends..
how is it that this person is so selfish..... hmm... im trying to figure it out...
My question to my friend : Is it that you want opinions of yourself from others only, or u want people to think you're actually special?
Don't you think others need to focus when you chose not to? Why don't make a change to yourself, learn and improve something u knew that u weren't good at? It's better than relying on someone else ALWAYS.. I mean, nothing's forever u know?
It's about time u stepped out of the comfort zone, n into reality.

Hmm.. let's just see what will happen after the 1st semester.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Major Course Decision

Inspired by the song "The Day Before" by Nell.

Quite an interesting song to listen to. :)
Something to take my head off of things.

It's time we foundation students decide to choose a major!
N as usual i chose Digital Animation!! :D
but then it's quite more than I expected....
there's a few subjects in which i'm not that interested in,
but then not all things go the way u want.. so I don't mind..
it's just that animation studies a LOT of things!!
ur brain's gotta process it fast, devour the info fast, research fast n get things done fast.
haiz.... faint~
guess i won't be able to sleep anymore ehehe.
I must be strong!!
I will be one of the survivor to graduate from this course with outstanding results!!
n for that I must b hardworking n passionate!!
2 things I'm gonna have!!!

n to all my future classmates of the same course too :)

Friday, June 15, 2012



but nothing really serious. :)
it's just i feel constricted these days...
i can't blame other people when i'm the one who started the game 1st..
I feel like i'm the one who's irresponsible or at fault...
n it just bugs me sometimes..
different pressure are also coming in all directions, n the friggin indo haze is coming too..... = =
I just hope some people don't rely too much on me or对我太有希望...
i can't make everything go smoothly u know..
i just wished u can take a few steps back.

I'm also fed up with myself for my lack of cautious sometimes...
i really have to take care of the small things that matter...
i don't mean to make it look like it's on purpose,
but it really happened n it's my responsibility for losing it...
so i apologise to the trouble i caused..

i hope this feeling fades away as soon as possible,
this is spoiling my aura..
hopefully it doesn't influence my assignments or something..

aaah it'll be wierd to complain in FB..
but it's wierd too to post it here...
mood swings =.=

GANBATTE ME!!!!!!!! >:D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White Flower

Another artwork, another kind of white flowers.
1 hour artwork before bed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whew another fast artwork before going to bed!
Time : 1 hr
Medium : SAI

Feeling of accomplishment

Well that's how I felt today :D

There was a History of art pop quiz today, not to mention another presentation for Ms.Pinky's class!
so it's double work, n double the pain in the head...

The History of art quiz wasn't as easy as I hoped it to be...
there were 2 essays ready to spike my ribs....
well i made it alive from the quiz...
but then the presentation coming is more important for me...
nerve-wrecking actually.... = =

i arrived in class with the friggin script in my hands...
n i just can't keep my eyes away from it...
but then Ian looked sooo confident n prepared...
damn i envy him... ==
we chose our number randomly, n i got to be the 2nd person to give my presentation talk..
well that's good news to me, as i don't have to worry about it later...

by that time, i think i was quite tired of being nervous, n i just want to do my best n present..
so I just cleared my thoughts n let my body do the talking!
eventually i had to glance the script once in a while, coz i really dun wanna lag the whole presentation..
but then, there's Ms Pinky (my lecturer), blazing her shining eyes on you sometimes..
n i just stared into them ahahhahaa..
yeah well....... marks deducted i guess....

Then there were a few others who gave their talk too... certain people were very good, according to ms pinky, n some needed to work on their skills. Ian, was the only one in class to make ms pinky close her book n just LISTEN to him... which meanssssss, it's awesome in a way!
A few of them I wasn't paying attention to be exact, well I apologise for that anyway...
There's a few of them which i remembered, like my classmate Vayne talked about Melbourne, n i only remembered he mentioned cute squishy wittle penguins!

It really is a relief after I finished the presentation, it's like i lifted a burden(which is not quite) away! :D
anyway now most of my assignments are done!!
now i only have to worry about thinking new ideas for Design 1, which is designing pictograms......
it took me a friggin big brainstorm to think of a few designs, n my lecturer said it was too complex......
I simplified it n still....... it's too complicated.... = =
so I'll just keep that on hold i guess... = =!

For now, I can finally rest my aching head for a while...

 I'll be looking forward to the few years of college!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm not a monster.

Something quick before I go to college! 
Time : 1 hour
Medium : SAI

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College life.

Maybe coz of mood swings, i feel like writing about college life! :D

First off... im kinda getting used to college life... i never thought i would get used to it so soon... the assignments n all.. time management is crucial!! yesss i can do it!!!
ughhh i sound so formal... = =
anyways... sometimes i'll have a little inner mind conflict with new friends, n that's just how it works i guess... so of their behaviors are still a bit..... unacceptable... n im sure my habits aren't that welcoming to them also...
to tell the truth, the real me haven't really appeared yet.. but then it's not that fast either... haiz~
sometimes i'll miss my other friends too.. my usual gang in high school, the freaks in NS, and sometimes... even my newly met friends during the college orientation days.. I still catch up with a few of them n yeah i wish to just have fun n be myself with them...
but i'm sure time will open my real self out to my new gang of friends. well, that's what exploring is all about!! :D

but the good part of being in sunway is... I can sometimes hang out with KL n weishen n vince at sunway college after our classes end. been out 2 times with them, although tiring but quite enjoying :)

Hmmmm... lecturers looks promising... only sometimes i don't know what I'm studying... especially during Design... gosh i don't really get that at all.. well yeah i guess it'll help me in different aspects next time.. BUT THEN! I'm friggin not gonna sign up for Advertising Design (AD)! Still think Digital Animation (DG) is my thing :3
Sad though to think that after our foundation class everyone's gonna go to diff classes.. sem 2, time to major in something! Till now i think i found only a few ppl that i know going to DG.. but i know there's more than i think.

Overall, it's better than high school, thinking back on the old days.. but then ur responsibility increases heavily too.. so.............. orz

another point.
it's too soon n time wasting... so gotta control, keep cool, n look at my idols only!
Yesung aaa, Yoochun aaa!!!! XDDDD

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Long time no see!!

I mean, it's been a while since I posted some digital art here...
it's been weeks since I posted the WIP linearts in a previous post..
n actually I finished these 2 weeks ago...

Been a busy student since joining college..
so I just drew something fast for the blog header~

Studying basics n fundamentals for my 1st semester, going more specific after that!!
I have to study Design, History of Art, Language & Communication Skills, Drawing, Figure Studies, Malaysian Studies....
n I REALLY hope my studies will go on smoothly,
provided my assignments r done nicely n on time!!

Anyway, Ganbatte to all of my college frens!! we chiong our assignments together!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A week in college.

1 week in TOA college, n my desk becomes flooded.
Assignments to pass up on the next week, finding references, etc.
It was quite bearable for the first week, I get to know new friends in which I wish to strengthen our friendship more.. the classes excite me, well.. only a few classes to be exact, n I'm sure there will be tons of assignments, presentations n exams waiting for me in the future to come soon...

1st week,
"I'M STILL ALIVE!""" " - by GD in Intro(Alive)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Comics for sale.


~ 漫画每本RM2
~ RM2 未包括邮寄费
~ 订购后我将通知付款总数.
~ 付款方式 :
 RHB Bank : 2-14099-00065179
Maybank : 5-14392-113991
~ 有兴趣者请联络我:
Hotmail :
Facebook : Tze Gwen (
~请提供个人姓名,  地址与 有兴趣的书名

谢谢 :)


1. 公主是王子 1-2 (完整)
2. 我的双圣王子 - 八神千岁 (全)
3. 小不点情人 (全)
4. 摇滚蓝蔷微 1-10 (完整)
7. 吸血鬼的恋爱契约 (全)
9. 老师的是恋爱危险份子 (全)
10. 绝叫学级 1
11. 左手上的恋爱情书 - 千叶 梢 (全)
12. 爱在初音宛转时 - 中村纱弓 (全)
13. 七色之恋 - 千叶 梢 (全)
14. 神秘的第 7 堂课 - 千叶 梢 (全)
15. 女孩勇敢爱 - 藤田仁美 (全)
16. 绝对要你爱上我 - 藤田仁美 (全)
17. 银色恋曲 (全)
18. 心声恋语 - 藤塚雪 (全)
20. 与你一起直至世界终结 - 织田 绮 (全)
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22. 眼镜萌少女 - 阵名舞 (全)
23. 蔷薇之锁 - 刑部真芯 (全)
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25. 千金恋人 - 持田 秋 (全)
26. 恶魔小情人 - 白石由希 (全)
27. 心动学园王子组 - 中原亚矢 (全)
28. 两人的初体验 - 朱神 寶 (全)
29. 空色恋色 - 市川 聖 (全)
30. 老师与我 - 水濑 蓝 (全)
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33. NG x BOY 美男天堂 1-3(完结篇) - 宫脇由季乃
34. 手机情人 1-2(完结篇) - 八神千岁
36. 小恶魔 cafe 1-4
37. 摇滚天国 1-8 (完整)
38.  水恋 (全)
39. 漫画家之梦 (全)
40. 半熟公主 (全)
41. SWEET 16 (全)


1. 幻影少年 1 - 万乘大智
2. Soul Eater 12 - 大久保笃
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5. 风之聖痕 1 - 山门敬弘
6. 咪神钓鱼师 1 - 佐藤正基
7. 魔法零蛋 1 - 叶恭 弘
8. 恶魔辩护 1 
9.神曲奏界 1
10.WITCHBLADE 丈琉 1-2(全)

12. 碧海 AiON 1-2
13. BRAVE 10 1-2
14. K-ON! 1-2
15. 魔法行商 1-3
16.疯狂猎杀 1
17. 无头骑士 Durarara!! 1-2
18. 学园默示录 High School of the  Dead 1-2
19. 时空迷逃 1
20. 天降之物 1

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Works in Progress

2 of my most recent linearts.
Original characters again, in different costumes! :D
But seriously, the proportions are... sadistic.
I'll just, run along now...
Will be coloured soon, after I draw other characters' linearts.

A head.

A head....
yup just a head...
few months ago I drew a head...
i don't know why, but I drew a head.

aahhh!! my head!!
anyways I'm bored,
so I'm randomly posting things I drew for no reason!
this is when I'm only weeks away from going to NS.
just a little practice I guess.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Finally got my "P" license from the photoshop guy!!! XDD so happy about it!!!
now i can LEGALLY drive!!! >:D
although i still need supervising coz i seriously got probs in my driving sometimes...
watch out world!!
but seriously, I really need more experience.
Let me drive in my neighbourhood sure no prob,
but once i hit the highways,
WAH!! a big blank!!
there's too many things to keep a lookout for and, it's tiring
seriously, how can parents tahan driving for 8 hours from KL to terengganu O.O
i really wonder sometimes...
i salute them.

But the feeling is quite different, once u know how to drive..
but im sure in the end I'll get bored with it like anyone else in the world.
In another way, I can gain experience everytime I'm behind the wheels!!
so I really hope I can just park the car smoothly next time =.=

Sunday, April 29, 2012


My recent desktop!! :D
Finally tidied things up on my desktop and add a little "things" to it!! XD
just another random idea which popped up from my little world called "brain".

Light and Darkness

Not all that is dark is evil, and not all that is light is pure.

2 sisters born as twins, one believed to be a descendent of angels, one believed to be a child of demons.
Yet they hide more to what others believed them to be.

My most recent one!! A bit of here and there I believe... :D

Monday, April 23, 2012


Finally I found the album of my previous trip to Bali!! Will post few pics here if possible!

Today was my driving exam!! It took me a whole lot of effort to actually wake up from my slumber.. n trust me.. I was still yawning when the driving exam commenced.

I was placed in Batch 1 with my turn at no. 57!
It took a while to wait until my turn.. n the process was a bit heart-blowing as u see people before u fail at the hill exam ONE BY ONE. Well, that ain't too comforting to see... *close one eye*
When it was my turn, first thing's first. Sweat.
I sweated like a person who just ran 1km non-stop... n it took me one seat in the car to do that =.=
bcoz of the hill exam... I tend to fall backwards from the hill when I move my feet away from the brakes.. n I was very sure I pulled the handbrake. But this time I didn't make the mistake! N miraculously I passed the hill exam!! Whew.. after that I was pretty sure I can pass Bahagian II, which I did. :D
After completing the 3-point-turn, we were supposed to drive the test car back to the hill section for other examinees to use, in which they're waiting for their turn there.
And with a swipe of my hair from my shoulders, n the wind blowing my hair with flow, I got down from the car, closed the door, n walked to the counter to take my paper, LIKE A BOSS.

3rd part wasn't that hard either, n I passed with 18/20!! :D

So... typically... I passed my driving test