Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yet another surprise!

This time from my classmates in which I wasn't that familiar with!
It was after figure class... (thurs) and we were all packing our things to go home..
then suddenly i heard wallace said, "1,2,3!"
wud in the world!!??
suddenly the class in which i consider as strangers sang a happy birthday song for me!!
i was in total shock!!!!
Chloe even said my face went red!!!
I didn't know what to do!
so i just bowed to them while saying thank u
a veryyyyyyy big grin on my face!!!
It felt like the first step to becoming greater friends with them!
I really wish to get to know them better,
n i hope for the next few years we all will become closer.
aaah i'm so touched by them ><
although some of them still didn't know how to pronounce my name,
but that's ok!!
at least the effort's there!!
n i appreciate it very very much!!

back to now,
today my mom n jenny jiex2 took me to get a haircut + highlight as a birthday gift!! :D
the saloon was in bangsar, and totally that hair makeover took about 3 hours o.o
my butt stiffens everytime... ==
but the result is very nice i must say :D
n now my hair is highlighted with a soft red, visible n obvious when under sunlight,
plus a bit of natural curves on the tail of my hair :3
I have to say, i really like this hairstyle..
although it isn't much difference to my last one~
thanks again mom n jenny jiex2!!

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