Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mambo no.5

it was fun!!
14 of us dancing to the mambo beat!!!
so fun!!
n it was quite nice i think..
i dont know wad the audiences think la...
it felt like we were having fun with ourselves...
but it was fun..!

A good song

how 2 know if a song is nice onot...?

1. Chinese song :
how 2 determine??
must have drum n guitar sound as background music?
the singer must have a high pitch or cute voice?
the song must be about love?
must stick to the normal type of love song?

I dont think so.

2. Cantonese song :
how 2 determine??
must have drum n violin sound as background music?
all the guys voices r the same?
the song must be mushy?

i dont think so.

3. English song :
how 2 determine?
must have guitar/electric guitar in the song?
must have a little rock?
must have a rapper?
must have a wierd lyric?

i dont think so.

4. Japanese song/Korean song :
how 2 determine??
singers' voices r high pitched?
must be very cute?
must dance?

i dont think so.

is it the truth im talking to the world..
or a lie im telling in front of u..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From bad to worse

many people around me r angry today...
i wish they can cool down n accept things...
my close frens pls dun ruin ur mood n day juz because someone told u something u dun like...

the whole holiday trip is breaking our relationship...
settled things r settled
pls dun add flavours which no one wants...
juz go on with the plan......
n have fun...

y is there a bad mood filling our class....
i really dont wan 2 know...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mood swings

recently many people facing mood swings...
is it because of the upcoming autumn weather feeling?
is it because someone was rejected?
is it because you miss someone?

i dont know the reason...
but i wish everyone can face through this hard time n be strong...
after autumn comes winter...
where u can be more relax and feel the breeze in your hair...

i juz wish i can be more strong sometimes..
i CAN be stronger!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love is in the air...

love is in the air!!!
love is in the air!!!
love is in the air!!!
love is in the air!!!
love is in the air!!!

these days it's surrounding me...
makes me wan 2 find a partner..
i need to find an idol or draw a character i like n like him 4 this current "LOVE PERIOD"
or else i will fall into the Love Trap...!!

but i dont know who 2 love!!!!!
a BIG BIG problem...!!
someone give me chioces!!!

(aah..! help me dad!!! let me see through the future!!!)
wad does it really mean................
L ooking
O ld
E asy


L ike
O rang
V ery
E asy


L ive
O n
E ntertainment


L ove
O ne
V aluable
E e-diot

probability of me avoiding this love trap n feeling is 0%...
wad m i going to do........

Saturday, July 17, 2010

To the people who attended the party at 10.7.2010

i luv u guys!!
thanks 2 u all we had a blast!!
swimming -> eating steamboat -> running around -> walking in the rain -> playing at the playground -> partying & dancing -> DRINKING BEER N WINE!!

fun man!!
n to the 11 people~
u guys rock!!

i luv tat picture so much!!

to wei zhong..
we'll never 4get u!
remember tat!
n prepare 2 pull ur pants down when u return!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

10 july 2010

tonight was a BLAST!!
had the funnest party EVER!!
all the wine, singing, cards, dancing, girls and guys....
plus the 11 ppl who slept in KL's room...!!
so shuang the feeling!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i figure i post some pics from my trip to cameron highland last holiday...!

this is a small field i found around our hotel apartment....
i like that place so much!!

it's a hill... u see my cousin bro soooo small!!!!!

My cousin sis!
Paper airplanes~

my 2 small cousin brothers...
at the place where u can stop ur car n drink tea..!

Plantation place..

this is the place where we went hiking at gunung brinchang~!
i love this place too!!

it has lots of bridges like this...!

on the way u can see a sea of clouds~

n im feelin' good!!

this is the end of the road.

after the clouds went away... it looks like this..

n this is.......

nope its not cameron...
it's taken in my house...!

well time to do homework...


when i was cleaning my com files...
i found this :

i remembered it..
it was actually drawn for this year's chinese new year...
4 TPL blog..
but i 4got to complete it...!


is a very bad day!!
1. i found out germany lost..!
2. the time table changed n it is NOT good....!!! Pn wong will teach 4G PJK!! argh!!!!!
3. KL's camera is lost!!
4. There's a LOT of homework not done yet...
5. I dont have time to do my work..!!

n 2day's the singing competition for solos...
n they all sing good!
not bad really!!
i found some of their voices quite nice!
n in the end is KL's group performance...
WZ 4got lyrics...!!!
so fanny!

day overall :

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chinese singing competition

It's tomorrow for solo people!!
n next week for group singing..!!

wishing all of those friends who participated in the solos n kl's group!!
well finally qy n i chosen a song...
when she said 苏打绿...!
then we both agreed to sing 小情歌!!
very fast made this decision!
n after qy ask KX..
she agreed 2 help us 2 play the guitar!!
thks a lot to her!

hope next week will be a breeze!!
wish everyone luck!