Monday, December 27, 2010

Every second gets us closer to 2011

it somehow makes me think back of wad i've done in 2010...
i believe i've grown....
physically n mentally....
yeah physically gain weight... ain't good at all -.-
i made new friends....
im somehow more outgoing i guess....
compared to when i was 15 yrs old....

as i said...
every seconds gets us closer to 2011......
time flies when u (______________)....
1. ..r lazying around all the time!
2. ..don't know wad u're doing
3. .. r sampat.
4. .. don't feel/notice it passing by every time u brush ur teeth..

i duno how 2 describe..!!
my mind blurring
but i miss school too....
not coz of classes n koko..
coz of my frens n good times...!!
well wish during the upcoming 2011..
i bcome a better person..
n the world will b more peaceful compared 2 this year!!

lemme chant my incantation..!!
gao dim!!!


after a long time lazying around...
i'm finally done with this pic!
time taken : 2 weeks... (due to laziness)
medium : PS3
Satisfication : 7/10
i destroyed her....
hahahaa =___=lll

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Utada's on hiatus!!

utada hikaru going on hiatus!!!
it's somehow not too shocking to me..
but imma miss her voice!!!
coz she's going on hiatus for 2-5 years!!!!
tat is a long time!!!
i really will miss her singing!!!!

im a fan of hers!!
coz she rock!!
support her till the end!!
so ill support her going on hiatus!!
since she can get some rest n more..!

her recent commercial with pepsi shock me!!
coz she looks so young n beautiful!!!
i love her current look!!! XDD

The Journey's Beginning

it's done!!!
the dark splatters r actually not on purpose..
the ones on the face r not on purpose...
the ones outside the face r on purpose...
coz since it's ruined the red-hair guy's face....
then juz make it look like it's on purpose... XD

medium : poster colour
time taken : 2 days
satisfication : 5/10

i aint tat satisfied with the freaking black spatters......

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sawadikap from chiangmai~

im back from chiangmai~!!!
saying sawadikaap to m'sia!!

reached home yesterday...
n this trip is veeerry bouncy!
i mean... my stomach...
coz on the 2nd day i ate too much sticky rice...
n i ended up having a VERY uncomfortable stomach....
dono izit the food or wad
coz my mom had a same prob on the 1st day....
the doctor i visited yesterday said it was some kind of bug..
well i dunno~

experienced northern thai ppl of living n eating..
i like chiang mai..
it's juz tat too many kelam kabut memories there..
coz i remember most after i ate a very traditional northern thai cuisine..
i fell sick n i vomited 3 times......
but the hospitality there is awesome!
they r all friendly n nice!
i seldom see the ppl there frown...
when they serve us tourists laa..

gotta post some pics a bit later...
then the story can begin!
to b continued~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Work in Progress

this is my original character!! :D
this pic ain't finish yet...
have to touch up a lot of parts.....
but i'm awaiting how it'll end up!!!

Time flies when u're being lazy

n yes oh so true it is.... ==
although this is the longest holiday in the year...
but i feel like time is passing TOO fast niaa..
not enough time to do anything anymore...
next year freedom will b ripped away from me..
so y not enjoy it now?
when u have the chance......

all this deep words r making me lazy.....
i gotta make time...
create time....
discover time.....
grasp every second n minute..
not letting a millisecond escape me....
i'll use it!!!

lazy lazy lazy.......
fly away~!!

i wish it would b tat easy to free myself from laziness.....

from now on...
i'll make time!!
minus laziness.... plus time..... in my life!!!
ganbatte yo~~~!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pics for the comics i'm selling..


~ 漫画每本RM2
~ RM2 未包括邮寄费
~ 订购后我将通知付款总数.
~ 付款方式 :
 RHB Bank : 2-14099-00065179
Maybank : 5-14392-113991
~ 有兴趣者请联络我:
Hotmail :
Facebook : Tze Gwen (
~请提供个人姓名,  地址与 有兴趣的书名
谢谢 :)

美少女漫画 shoujo comics

1. 左手上的恋爱情书 - 千叶 梢
2. 爱在初音宛转时 - 中村纱弓
3. 七色之恋 - 千叶 梢
4. 神秘的第 7 堂课 - 千叶 梢

1. 女孩勇敢爱 - 藤田仁美
2. 绝对要你爱上我 - 藤田仁美
3. 银色恋曲
4. 心声恋语 - 藤塚雪

1. 上流友好条约 - 倉橋绘里花
2. 恋爱入门 - 高须贺由枝
3. 魔法恋爱冰淇淋 - 水濑依都流
4. 少女王道 - 阵名舞

1. 芝麻开门 - 武藤 啓
2. 橘子革命 - 水澤 惠
3. H2LOVE - 亚月 亮
4. 无限梦旋律 - 五十岚薰

快乐魔法变 1-6(完结篇) - 菊田珠智代

1. 与你一起直至世界终结 - 织田 绮
2. 糖果花 - 山田 Daisy
3. 眼镜萌少女 - 阵名舞
4. 蔷薇之锁 - 刑部真芯

1. 執事与我的秘密情事 - 碧井彩姬
2. 千金恋人 - 持田 秋
3. 恶魔小情人 - 白石由希
4. 心动学园王子组 - 中原亚矢

1. 两人的初体验 - 朱神 寶
2. 空色恋色 - 市川 聖
3. 老师与我 - 水濑 蓝
4. 寄不出的情书 - 荒井美保子

1. 爱犬时光 - 市川 聖
2. 爱情果实 - 藤宫亚由

1. NG x BOY 美男天堂 1-3(完结篇) - 宫脇由季乃
2. 守护甜心小物语 - 原案 - Peach-pit
- 漫画 - Naphthalene 等

1. 手机情人 1-2(完结篇) - 八神千岁

 1. 老师的是恋爱危险份子 (全)
 3. 恶魔的悖德纯爱 (全)
 4. 吸血鬼的恋爱契约 (全)







 1. 小不点情人 (全)
 2. 我的双圣王子 - 八神千岁 (全)
 3. 公主是王子 1-2 (完整)








 2. 小恶魔 cafe 1-4 (完整)
 3. 摇滚蓝蔷微 1-10 (完整)
 4. 摇滚天国 1-8 (完整)









 1. 漫画家之梦 (全)
 2. 水恋 (全)
 3. 半熟公主 (全)
 4. SWEET 16 (全)


少年漫画 (单本) shounen comics

1. 幻影少年 1 - 万乘大智
2. Soul Eater 12 - 大久保笃
3. 食灵 Ga-Rei 1-2 - 濑川 始

1. 野蛮俏猫娘 1 - 松 智洋
2. 风之聖痕 1 - 山门敬弘
3. 咪神钓鱼师 1 - 佐藤正基
4. 魔法零蛋 1 - 叶恭 弘

1. 恶魔辩护 1 
2.神曲奏界 1
3.WITCHBLADE 丈琉 1-2(全)

 1. 碧海 AiON 1-2
2. BRAVE 10 1-2
3. K-ON! 1-2
4. 魔法行商 1-3

1.疯狂猎杀 1
2. 无头骑士 Durarara!! 1-2
3. 学园默示录 High School of the  Dead 1-2
4. 时空迷逃 1
5. 天降之物 1 

请多多支持!! :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



ok i counted my comics today....
n the total amount is 434!!

n i decided to sell away a stack of comics.......
the price is RM2 each!
coz it's second handed...
i got a wide variety...
some only have the 1st book...
n many r 全... means 1 book finish!

pls tell me if u wan to buy!!
i'll post pictures n titles of the books later!


Sunday, December 5, 2010


finally done!!!!
students of XXX laa...~~
based on a story i made de laa~~~
lazy to think of a background..!
so i juz use normal colours ~

this version is coloured by my dear sampat cousin sis~
she like vibrant colours..
her theme is aliens......
the lineart is before edited so the girl in the middle n the left person isn't the same..

well since holidays can't b spent without anything to do..
so i'll be colouring a few artworks~~~
to improve my skills.....


Friday, December 3, 2010

Hometown trip~

back from hometown trip n i feel good! :D
stayed there 4 2 nights...
felt like i only went there 4 2 days...... O__O
i get to play with my cousins....
n eat my grandma's cooking which i like....
n i went there on the right day........
coz she cooked fried chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looks like fried chicken la...
made 2 cakes tat day too....
1 orange sponge cake n 1 butter cake.....
didnt seem 2 come out as we expected nia.......
well nvm
edible den ok liao......

n i juz played like 3 rounds of monopoly with my 3 younger cousins..
n i dint even win 1 round.....
but tak apa~!