Thursday, September 30, 2010


please stop this...
all of this...
u're making her leave with more n more hesitation...
she's scared i know..
but please..
enough of this..
she has to leave...
we can't stop this...
so we must let her go..
don't keep doing things like this...
or she's gonna leave with tears of sadness...

i wish for her peacefulness
i wish for her to rest
i wish she can leave with a smile
i wish she leaves without suffering

so please stop all of this...

rest in peace ya...

Reaching for the sky

but then some of them reach too far
n ended up in nowhere...
the base isnt steady yet..
n the structure has already flown off somewhere....
it's ok to reach for the sky..
but u have to know boundaries......



hey, wad's with u?
is the masquerade back in town?
is it time to ignore truthfulness?
is it time to release ur trust of any1 n go back to ur own beliefs?

if all u had done was just a lie,
then u r living a false life..
if u were always just pretending to care,
then u dont have the rights to care.

I have taken off mine,
y dont u?
or is it because u only believe in urself?
u think what is best 4 u..
is to lie?

dont give me all that...
u may have gained all's trust....
but i don't even wan to know..
do u really trust them all??

dont u know sometimes ur actions has caused others to.....

= 3=

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward day

yes it is...
2day i felt a little wierd..
i mean karaoke-ing with guys...
how shud i say..
im not used to it....

but at least i can sit down n have a talk with qy...
at ikea..
n after karaoke with qy n ah choo at dome.
with garlic bread n earl gray tea as my teatime snack...
feels quite nice...
i like quiet talks...
juz sit down n say wad u have to say...
i enjoyed it...

but something's bothering me..
i can't find the problem..
n WHAT's bothering me..
so had a few mood swings..
hehe... ^_^
i guess not every1 thinks tat way, huh?
my way of thinking...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


from this song!!
this song might sound wierd 4 some...
but it gave me an inspiration the 1st time i heard it..
so i like this song da-yo!!


it actually doesnt feel like a holiday..
dunnoe y..
mayb coz i see my frens' faces everyday...
1 day at least 1 fren's face..
so i dont feel lonely or will think about friends..

these days i'm gonna rot...
thanks 2 2day's add math tuition now i m back on track!!
my brain at least can function liao.. -.-

n 4 the people who hasn't pass htrough their current problems in life
i wish u all the best..!
remember i m always beside u
u can lean on me anytime.. :)

n phey yi arh!!
sorrryyyy !!
on monday tat thing..