Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mind Sets

Heh, still can't quite take my eyes off this album...

Hmm i found out recently that..
My mind set or what I'm thinking is not that similar to my friends in college...
Is it because I wasn't a former art stream student during high school?
Coz all i knew during form 4-5 is cerebellum, acceleration and sodium benzoate .___.
which i studied for 2 years n doesn't really help much in college...
ahahhaa well then...
i know some of them are also science stream converting to art..
but then sometimes... i find it surprising of how they think is so.....
art student ahahhaha
well can't really blame them.
It's also quite a problem to interpret what they're thinking sometimes..
there's some who think they are very awesome in what they're doing (full of pride), n some who think they're mentally strong when sometimes it isn't really worth comparing...

overall im thralled by how my science-based mind will cross paths with artfully coloured minds.
but then... Im a bit thralled by one of my friends..
how is it that this person is so selfish..... hmm... im trying to figure it out...
My question to my friend : Is it that you want opinions of yourself from others only, or u want people to think you're actually special?
Don't you think others need to focus when you chose not to? Why don't make a change to yourself, learn and improve something u knew that u weren't good at? It's better than relying on someone else ALWAYS.. I mean, nothing's forever u know?
It's about time u stepped out of the comfort zone, n into reality.

Hmm.. let's just see what will happen after the 1st semester.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Major Course Decision

Inspired by the song "The Day Before" by Nell.

Quite an interesting song to listen to. :)
Something to take my head off of things.

It's time we foundation students decide to choose a major!
N as usual i chose Digital Animation!! :D
but then it's quite more than I expected....
there's a few subjects in which i'm not that interested in,
but then not all things go the way u want.. so I don't mind..
it's just that animation studies a LOT of things!!
ur brain's gotta process it fast, devour the info fast, research fast n get things done fast.
haiz.... faint~
guess i won't be able to sleep anymore ehehe.
I must be strong!!
I will be one of the survivor to graduate from this course with outstanding results!!
n for that I must b hardworking n passionate!!
2 things I'm gonna have!!!

n to all my future classmates of the same course too :)

Friday, June 15, 2012



but nothing really serious. :)
it's just i feel constricted these days...
i can't blame other people when i'm the one who started the game 1st..
I feel like i'm the one who's irresponsible or at fault...
n it just bugs me sometimes..
different pressure are also coming in all directions, n the friggin indo haze is coming too..... = =
I just hope some people don't rely too much on me or对我太有希望...
i can't make everything go smoothly u know..
i just wished u can take a few steps back.

I'm also fed up with myself for my lack of cautious sometimes...
i really have to take care of the small things that matter...
i don't mean to make it look like it's on purpose,
but it really happened n it's my responsibility for losing it...
so i apologise to the trouble i caused..

i hope this feeling fades away as soon as possible,
this is spoiling my aura..
hopefully it doesn't influence my assignments or something..

aaah it'll be wierd to complain in FB..
but it's wierd too to post it here...
mood swings =.=

GANBATTE ME!!!!!!!! >:D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White Flower

Another artwork, another kind of white flowers.
1 hour artwork before bed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whew another fast artwork before going to bed!
Time : 1 hr
Medium : SAI

Feeling of accomplishment

Well that's how I felt today :D

There was a History of art pop quiz today, not to mention another presentation for Ms.Pinky's class!
so it's double work, n double the pain in the head...

The History of art quiz wasn't as easy as I hoped it to be...
there were 2 essays ready to spike my ribs....
well i made it alive from the quiz...
but then the presentation coming is more important for me...
nerve-wrecking actually.... = =

i arrived in class with the friggin script in my hands...
n i just can't keep my eyes away from it...
but then Ian looked sooo confident n prepared...
damn i envy him... ==
we chose our number randomly, n i got to be the 2nd person to give my presentation talk..
well that's good news to me, as i don't have to worry about it later...

by that time, i think i was quite tired of being nervous, n i just want to do my best n present..
so I just cleared my thoughts n let my body do the talking!
eventually i had to glance the script once in a while, coz i really dun wanna lag the whole presentation..
but then, there's Ms Pinky (my lecturer), blazing her shining eyes on you sometimes..
n i just stared into them ahahhahaa..
yeah well....... marks deducted i guess....

Then there were a few others who gave their talk too... certain people were very good, according to ms pinky, n some needed to work on their skills. Ian, was the only one in class to make ms pinky close her book n just LISTEN to him... which meanssssss, it's awesome in a way!
A few of them I wasn't paying attention to be exact, well I apologise for that anyway...
There's a few of them which i remembered, like my classmate Vayne talked about Melbourne, n i only remembered he mentioned cute squishy wittle penguins!

It really is a relief after I finished the presentation, it's like i lifted a burden(which is not quite) away! :D
anyway now most of my assignments are done!!
now i only have to worry about thinking new ideas for Design 1, which is designing pictograms......
it took me a friggin big brainstorm to think of a few designs, n my lecturer said it was too complex......
I simplified it n still....... it's too complicated.... = =
so I'll just keep that on hold i guess... = =!

For now, I can finally rest my aching head for a while...

 I'll be looking forward to the few years of college!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm not a monster.

Something quick before I go to college! 
Time : 1 hour
Medium : SAI

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College life.

Maybe coz of mood swings, i feel like writing about college life! :D

First off... im kinda getting used to college life... i never thought i would get used to it so soon... the assignments n all.. time management is crucial!! yesss i can do it!!!
ughhh i sound so formal... = =
anyways... sometimes i'll have a little inner mind conflict with new friends, n that's just how it works i guess... so of their behaviors are still a bit..... unacceptable... n im sure my habits aren't that welcoming to them also...
to tell the truth, the real me haven't really appeared yet.. but then it's not that fast either... haiz~
sometimes i'll miss my other friends too.. my usual gang in high school, the freaks in NS, and sometimes... even my newly met friends during the college orientation days.. I still catch up with a few of them n yeah i wish to just have fun n be myself with them...
but i'm sure time will open my real self out to my new gang of friends. well, that's what exploring is all about!! :D

but the good part of being in sunway is... I can sometimes hang out with KL n weishen n vince at sunway college after our classes end. been out 2 times with them, although tiring but quite enjoying :)

Hmmmm... lecturers looks promising... only sometimes i don't know what I'm studying... especially during Design... gosh i don't really get that at all.. well yeah i guess it'll help me in different aspects next time.. BUT THEN! I'm friggin not gonna sign up for Advertising Design (AD)! Still think Digital Animation (DG) is my thing :3
Sad though to think that after our foundation class everyone's gonna go to diff classes.. sem 2, time to major in something! Till now i think i found only a few ppl that i know going to DG.. but i know there's more than i think.

Overall, it's better than high school, thinking back on the old days.. but then ur responsibility increases heavily too.. so.............. orz

another point.
it's too soon n time wasting... so gotta control, keep cool, n look at my idols only!
Yesung aaa, Yoochun aaa!!!! XDDDD