Sunday, January 30, 2011

Allegra minuete de callario

Work in progress!!
This is Ran, me original character nia~ :D
well going to finish it later, since there r quite a few places to redo..
as usual,
the title i gave is still a mystery to myself...

I met a person

I met a person.
A person full of sadness.
Every word which came out of his mouth, every sentence, every line,
there would be a sign of sadness in it.
He was desperate, and his emotions were full of negativity,
I could see his hopes, fading slowly, slowly...
Every once in a while, he would close his eyes and think about what he has been through.
How many people he hurt, how many people's lives he destroyed, how many peoples dreams he'd crushed.
And slowly, gently,
a teardrop falls from his eyes, and he cried himself to sleep.

I met a person.
A person full of hatred.
Everything she said, would point back at the same few people in her life.
Cursing, revolving around problems which were yet to be solved.
Her emotions ran all over the place, flying sky high like flames of fury.
Crimson eyes full of revenge, hatred.
They looked at me, and I looked back at them.
Other than the hate they carried,

I met a person.
A person full of emptiness.
She would daze off, not wanting to care about the things happening around her.
Her heart broken, she does not speak.
Words didn't came out from her lips, tears didn't fall down her cheeks.
Emotionless face, lifeless body.
The people backstabbing her, now and then,
she didn't bothered anymore.
The makeup she wore, the pretty clothes she wore, all of it was trash.
Now that he's gone,
and he's never coming back.
she was too empty to feel pity.

I met a person.
A person full of......


Cheer up, everything will be alright.
Believe me, release all those tensions,
take a deep breath,


Saturday, January 29, 2011


2 drawings in one day!!! XD
this took about....
from 3pm-12am....
so 9 hours....
including dinner, bathing, n lazying~!!
hahaha XD
as usual i dun noe why i gave this pic this name...
it juz makes me feel like she's a tramp....

Time taken : 9 hours ( including breaks)
Medium : artline pen
satisfactory : 7/10

it's been a while since i draw with pen n paper...
the feeling's back...!!
although i can't say this is my best nia...


after a long time of not touching my precious PS3......
finally i finished another!!!!
i duno y i put it as recalm...
coz this pic ain't tat calm i guess..

time taken : 3 days (not continuously)
medium : PS3
satisfactory : 6/10

kinda short on ideas now......

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Annual dinner!

The annual dinner!!!
well.... at a XXX hotel!!
i counted how many plates i ate tat day....
well gotta lose off all the calories.............

i m a typical girl when it comes to the dessert bar!!!!
i ate the main dishes quickly... just to get to the desserts!!!!
well........ it was a heck lot of calories!!!!

n even a chocolate fountain!!
i was thinkin : oh shoot... choco fountain..... O____O my tummy's gonna explode x2....
n all the cakes!!!
tiramisu!! cheesecake!!! chocolate cake!!!

n all those liiitle pastries!! argh!!!

like this 1......
my bro took it....

kinda looks like cocktail nia!!

plus there's ice cream!!! XDDDDDD
then i used a toothpick to draw on the plate after i ate the dipped stuff with chocolate fountain...
i mean i use the chocolate 2 draw..

goldfish~~!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD
n nyeah!!! XDDD (down there)!!

well..................... feel guilty eating tat much...
gotta work it off~~~~

Prs stuff.....

the jadual waktu is 50% done!!!
whoops i mean jadual tugas.!!
it consists of sweeping, countdown, mop the windows, mop the dust n arranging the books on the rack....
KL n i did it on friday~!!

this is sweep the floor... although the dust look like the broom's farting.... ==

this is the countdown!! KL's brilliant idea to put real strings on the paper balooons...!!

this is moping the dust on tables n stuff.... once again... it looks like the cloth is farting... ==

this is cleaning the windows!!! the easiest one of all to make!!

n this is arrangin the books on racks.... the most colourful of the 5 cards!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's done!!!

I mean my comic 命运的安排!!
i've been spending the whole day finishing it!!
except for 5-8pm coz it's when i go gym with sharon n dinner with my mom :D
i feel so relieved now...!!! XDDD
it's been sitting/lying in my file for 1 month... n now im finally finished with it!!!!! XDDD
so i'm very very very happy!!!
although it's a short story instead of a long 1 (since it only has 8 pages)...
but i'm quite satisfied with the results...
although i m very pissed with pg. 1's ferris wheel....
coz i reallllly duno how 2 draw...
gotta shape up my skills.....

i guess i didn't ruin most of the parts of this comic...
actually i think it's the neatest among my hand-drawn comics...
n the most.... carefree...?
i mean i didn't think of making mistakes...
only minor parts r wasted..... by the brilliant me...!!

this is the first page of my comic!!
using the same main char, 艾卡... (black hair girl)
there's an arrow pointing at something black....
tat's 艾卡's little brother...
hope i get thumbs up!!
n get published in the paper!!!!


this is the title of a comic i'm working on!!
currently 70% done...!!
8 pages, not much, n a very simple storyline..
since my frens say they don't understand my other comics...
mayb i'm the alien here...
tat's y i drew a easier n simpler version...
hope everyone knows wad i'm talking about...

this comic's protagonist... main char.... blah! is the same girl as the one in my previous comic.....
the girl with the black hair...
her name is 艾卡...!!

this is when she is young....
about 13....
the story i'm drawing now...
she will b 16 years old...
but her personal traits will still be there...
like energetic n stuff...
her hair would be messy as usual...!
plus her little 8 year old brother would b present in the story too!!

time to get back to my comic....!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspirations!! Activities!! Homework!!

i've been getting a little inspiration from my surroundings!! n i feel artistic!! >:D
starting to get back on business in drawing..!
well... i've been joining activities too!!
i'm thinkin of joining a camp held at somewhere at the upper part of selangor.. with wanping..
coz ms sharon say she ain't going... =3=
plus im gonna participate in tarik tali!! it's just for fun..
n im still considering about going to lompat jauh... for fun too :D
well... i also considered entering wushu competitions this year!!
hope i get thumbs up..

n as usual.... a lot of homework!!!
ugh... not a single day of peace without homework...
but the only choice i have is to do it.... -.-

i hope 2011 awaits me with a positive smile..
coz i've been terrible these days.... ugh ==

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Utada Hikaru Fever!!!!!

Im in utada hikaru fever now!!!
since ive bought her best collection album vol. 2...!!
i went home n listened to the songs!!!
it really was her BEST COLLECTION!!!! XDD
plus 5 new songs inside!!
2 discs!!
the disc was really worth spending my beautiful money on!!

this is the cover!!!
stars!!! i guess...
well it looks awesome!!
the whole album looks so neat n tidy!!
even the lyrics r printed out tidily!! XDDD

Utada's on hiatus... n im still desperate about it... -.-
coz it'll b a while until her voice reappear in albums...!
but i still support her!! coz she worked hard in the career!!
n i praise her for that..! :D

her new look is very young n fresh... n i like it a lot..!!
it seems she looks happy with herself now...

the pic below is in one of her songs... i mean MV...
it's called "Goodbye Happiness"...
a very nice song!!! n a cute MV..!

n this is the commercial she did with pepsi neX...!!
i like this commercial!!! XDDD

im still supporting her!!
so keep it up utada!!
mayb when im 20, u'll reappear in my world as a wonderful singer!!

1st shopping outing with a friend!

i feel fresh!! XD
1st time going out with a friend to buy clothes!!!
buying for chinese new year!!
i bought two shirts!!
1 is a dark purplish colour with the words "lost dream" in front..
i like it a lot!!
the other 1 is a shirt like an OL shirt...

well.... i saw a few shorts n blouses i liked too...
but it's too expensive n the price is really unreasonable...
plus there's no discount!!! o______o
started the day with a ride to 1u...
as always... i went to the comic shop 1st...!!
then went to jusco... to check it out la~
then went to padini authentics...!
i think a few of the shirts are nice...
but as usual... the price..... *ehem
then went to giordano!!
nothing much...

after tat went to MCD to grab a lunch...
then we continued our shopping spree...!
actually cant say it as a "Spree" la~
coz we hav a low budget..!

then we went to a few shops...
then next to esprit...
i tell u!!
that place is like my heaven!!!
all the shirts look sooooo nice!!!
i bought the purple shirt there!!
then.... sharon found a shorts she likes A LOT...!!
but its RM150.... it made her hopes drop down a bit...
but still... shes telling her mom to bring her there!!
well good luck to her then...! :D

after a few shops... went to F.O.S!!!!
whew!! another heaven!!! XD
this is where i found the OL-like blouse...!
we went in the fitting room 2 times...!! with 5 garments each one of us took!!
so there's a loooot of shirts to try on!!
wad a nice experience..!!
after a loooong time thinking.......
i decided to buy utada hikaru's best selection album vol. 2!!!!
although it was quite expensive... but i'll somehow earn back the money!!

no joke.. this is the album's cover..!! so yeng nia!!! XDDD
after tat... went to buy a few pieces of sushi as a snack...
we ate it while waiting for the bus to fetch us home... :D

it was actually a fun day...
i wish to go with my other frens someday.. (including sharon la~! XD)
so we can enjoy!!

day overall 9/10!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


"I can hear your melody in my sleep..."

due to kia-su-ness...
i drew something...
i m a little bit kiasu de la~~~ hahaha
but i was inspired by an artwork...
in an artbook wan ling lended to me to take a look....
it's only an 20 minute sketch...
nothing much...
coz im finally done with my BM folio!!!

medium : paper, pencil
time taken : 20 minutes
satisfaction : 4/10

coz..... its juz a sketch -.-

Time to get back on track...

my smoothness in drawing is fading i think..
i lack ideas n they r not coming to me...
so i hope school reopening can help me function back my brain..
coz it's been asleep for many many days...!
time to take my precious pencil back on my hand..!!

plus it's my last year in high school...
gotta use my time to the max..
i don't wanna regret wasting time at school...
every second counts now...
n i wanna make a good change...
i feel like participating in many stuff!!
including competitions n clubs...!
i wanna b more attentive..!

it's all up to me to decide...
whether i'm gonna live the best year in my life....
or worsen it a lot...!!
plus SPM's coming soon n i can feel the wind it's bringing!!!
so.... bring it on!!
imma take it face on!!!

Thank you for spending your time to read the crap in my mind. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st day of school! - 3rd day of school..

it was quite fun i guess!
coz it's been a long time since i've seen my other friends..!!
so i've talked a lot tat day!!
n my mood just keeps getting better!!

2nd day is when all the classes start...
n everything gets a little boring...
homework.... n folio......
a lot to do...!!
2nd day i also went to club with qy n kl to do our folios..
n i've done a few pages n my hand is killin me!

3rd day (2day)...
im juz in a little bit terrible mood.......
so... heh.... ==
thks to pn amalia... ==
a lot actually...
n now im doing my folio......
too much to write...! dont know if i'll make it or not ==
better continue writing..>!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Genting trip!! from 30.12.2010 - 1.1.2011

if u wan me 2 give it an overall..
well i shud say it's ok ok~!
i liked the 1st day n the morning part of the 2nd day!
coz 1st day i was in a very good mood since the weather is cool n i feel good!! XD
n the 2nd day was nice too coz me n mah frens were the very very little few who dashed into the theme park on 8am!!
n we played everything by 10am!!
so it's very nice...!!

ok details!!
1st day we arrived!!
then the guys all went sumwhere la...
i know they all got go to the arcade n the haunted house..
us girls, 4 of us.. went around genting~
walking here n there!
in the afternoon KX n i went around genting to find the so-called RM18 buffet(which turns out 2 hav bcomed RM38++) n bars..
but in the end nothing niaa..
then at night we ate a RM31 hotpot buffet..!
it's very nice actually!
quite satisfying..
after tat...
the guys go bowling n us girls go to the area around the flying coaster there..
we sat there n we played some games..!
i liked tat time very much coz we're laughing while eating dark chocolate 2gether!
n plus i was high!! XDDD
after a long determination n rational thinking..
we went to play the flying coaster!!!
to refresh ur memory, it's this coaster thingy :

the 4 of us went on it for just RM8!!!
so syok!!
it was a different experience if u play it at night!!
very very nice!
liiked the feeling!!
after tat when we're looking at the photos, the malay worker in charge of the photos 搭讪 with KL....
well it was gross n a waste of time...
but wadthe heck~
after tat we sat back on that spot n soon after,
coco pang came 2 join us!! XDD
after tat we took pics!
i like this 1!!

proud to be coz among 24 ppl... only 6 girls!! but this day leeyee isnt around yet...!
this is 1 of my favs taken on the stairs near the flying coaster!

coz it's like 3 different personalities together !!
3 different worlds... on 1 staircase...!!!
hahah tat didnt sound right...
when we went back to the hotel...
qy n i beh thana liao... go sleep after watching them play cards...
n kx summore made bread for us!! XDD
thx so much niaa!
well the 3 of us shared a queen sized bed..
n we didnt slept very well..

2nd day!!
woke up at 6.30am!!
every1 woke up when they heard qy's alarm!!
so after a long long time waiting 4 them 2 wash n brush...
coco, qy, kx n me decided to head out to search for breakfast...
but we were too attracted to the outdoor theme park...!!
coz it's like... 8am n there's no 1 yet!!
no queue, little ppl, no need to wait in line.. n most of the rides' functioning!!!
after that we saw the guys coming also!
so all of us went on the 1st ride!!!
the swing thingy tat swings u round n round!!
a very very nice feeling!!
next stop, the little coaster.... cyclone!!
then corkscrew!!!
feels nice coz the entire row of seats were all my friends!!
we shouted together!!
then on the the next...............
the spaceshot!!!!
the highest ride in genting!!
n all the 12 seats were all taken by us!! XD
when the ride took us to the very top...
wow !!!
u can see the whole genting!!
it was so nice!!!
then on to the drop!!
when it drops...
u can feel urself flying !!
ur butt is not attached to the seat!!
u r like floating with ur heart racing n pounding rapidly!!
wad a exciting experience!!!
i liked it so much!!
then on to many other attractions..
including the flume ride which makes u wet...!!
coco qy n 1 rode tat 1...
wet wet wet!!!

well 12.30pm... we went to look for something to eat...
then we met leeyee!!
after tat... qy n leeyee n i went to yamcha n meet with qy's cousin bro...
actually he is actually quite nice-looking..!
n he treated the 3 of us starbucks..!!
a bit paiseh niaa... since it's the 1st time meeting this guy n he's treating u to something expensive!!
well leeyee n i juz talk a little bit n laugh 2gether la~~!!
soon all the guys in the hotel joined us...
looking rather tired (n angry if im not mistaken ==) ..
well... after tat...
the day went on n on...
from good to bad...
n worse...
coz i seriously dont have the mood to deal with big groups of ppl..
n during the countdown..
there weren't any fireworks!!!! O____O
due to the heavy fog!!!
but i muz admit..
the fog really was VERY VERY thick...
n it was VERY VERY cold!!!
colder than taiwan!!
<10 C!!
well... no fireworks.. no countdown to 2011...
n after tat...
1.30am a few of us went to watch a movie...
"The Tourist"
it's ok ok to me...
but when we went back to the hotel..
all of us slammed down n slept...
although finding a place to sleep was very tiring n hard...
but us girls still got to slp on the bed..
n had a very satisfying sleep...

3rd day time to go home..
so us girls (not including leeyee n KL) went to grab a breakfast at marrybrown.
i felt quite nice...!
after tat KX came to join us!!
how nice..
since she didnt sleep with us on the 2nd night...
so it's nice to see her again XDD
after tat qy n i accompany coco to return to her parents' hotel room at 1st world..
then we joined the others n went downhill on the cablecar..
n around 4pm we reached 1u n headed home ourselves...

so this genting trip was a new experience...
both due to a large group of ppl i know n the weather up there...

wad to say...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new Year, a new dawn

goodbye 2010...!!
i'll miss this year a lot!

n i welcome 2011 to my life!!!!
i wish 2011 would b a steady year!
n i further wish all the years coming would b steady also!!!
especially 2012 coz damn...
we r all finding an answer to our future...
n i want to live on to see it!!!

ugh wad the heck..
2011 would b rocky i guess...
coz it's finally my turn to take SPM...!!
n driving license...
n get out of the list of NS..!!
n it's the last year of my high school life..
so i must treasure all the moments...
whether good or bad!!

despite the headache im having now...
i drew sumthing!
although i have to torture my brain n eyes.....
so... it's nothing actually...
not a very detailed pic..
juz used up 30 minutes...
coz i really want this year n the future of the world to b bright..!

don't mind the crappy stuff surrounding the "2011"
coz i got bored so i doodled a bit...

so i wish the best to my family n friends!!

Happy New Year 2010!!!