Wednesday, January 25, 2012


just a small update on what's life for me these days :)
few days ago i came back from NS to celebrate CNY with my family,
n the trip was... challenging to me...
Coco pang got sick... n it was a bit difficult for me to..
u know, take care of her..
she's moody n i can't blame her for that..
luckily the so-called "hot-guy-who-looks-indian-but-is-mix" sat beside me..
so we had a few chats.. aat least im not bored..
but damn i'm tired by that point...
worrying about coco wearied me off for that while..

im shedding tears of joy when i lie in my comfy bed,
using warm water for a bath, n seeing those i treasure safe..
this year's CNY passed too fast...
like a shot gone n i'm going back to NS tmrw..
well that's a whole lot faster than i expected..

anyways tmrw coco n i will be staying at our sarawakian fren's house for a night~
she's a bundle of fun so i don't mind :D
until 26th then it's time to go back to camp..
n there goes my short vacation...

well i hope camp activities get more n more interesting by each day~
oh yes 1 last point,
i got chosen to represent my camp in volleyball competition with other camps XDD
so it's exciting me every second in camp~

until the 17th of March,
see you all :)
stay safe n have a very very happy chinese new year ~!