Sunday, May 27, 2012


Long time no see!!

I mean, it's been a while since I posted some digital art here...
it's been weeks since I posted the WIP linearts in a previous post..
n actually I finished these 2 weeks ago...

Been a busy student since joining college..
so I just drew something fast for the blog header~

Studying basics n fundamentals for my 1st semester, going more specific after that!!
I have to study Design, History of Art, Language & Communication Skills, Drawing, Figure Studies, Malaysian Studies....
n I REALLY hope my studies will go on smoothly,
provided my assignments r done nicely n on time!!

Anyway, Ganbatte to all of my college frens!! we chiong our assignments together!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A week in college.

1 week in TOA college, n my desk becomes flooded.
Assignments to pass up on the next week, finding references, etc.
It was quite bearable for the first week, I get to know new friends in which I wish to strengthen our friendship more.. the classes excite me, well.. only a few classes to be exact, n I'm sure there will be tons of assignments, presentations n exams waiting for me in the future to come soon...

1st week,
"I'M STILL ALIVE!""" " - by GD in Intro(Alive)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Comics for sale.


~ 漫画每本RM2
~ RM2 未包括邮寄费
~ 订购后我将通知付款总数.
~ 付款方式 :
 RHB Bank : 2-14099-00065179
Maybank : 5-14392-113991
~ 有兴趣者请联络我:
Hotmail :
Facebook : Tze Gwen (
~请提供个人姓名,  地址与 有兴趣的书名

谢谢 :)


1. 公主是王子 1-2 (完整)
2. 我的双圣王子 - 八神千岁 (全)
3. 小不点情人 (全)
4. 摇滚蓝蔷微 1-10 (完整)
7. 吸血鬼的恋爱契约 (全)
9. 老师的是恋爱危险份子 (全)
10. 绝叫学级 1
11. 左手上的恋爱情书 - 千叶 梢 (全)
12. 爱在初音宛转时 - 中村纱弓 (全)
13. 七色之恋 - 千叶 梢 (全)
14. 神秘的第 7 堂课 - 千叶 梢 (全)
15. 女孩勇敢爱 - 藤田仁美 (全)
16. 绝对要你爱上我 - 藤田仁美 (全)
17. 银色恋曲 (全)
18. 心声恋语 - 藤塚雪 (全)
20. 与你一起直至世界终结 - 织田 绮 (全)
21. 糖果花 - 山田 Daisy (全)
22. 眼镜萌少女 - 阵名舞 (全)
23. 蔷薇之锁 - 刑部真芯 (全)
24. 執事与我的秘密情事 - 碧井彩姬 (全)
25. 千金恋人 - 持田 秋 (全)
26. 恶魔小情人 - 白石由希 (全)
27. 心动学园王子组 - 中原亚矢 (全)
28. 两人的初体验 - 朱神 寶 (全)
29. 空色恋色 - 市川 聖 (全)
30. 老师与我 - 水濑 蓝 (全)
31. 寄不出的情书 - 荒井美保子 (全)
33. NG x BOY 美男天堂 1-3(完结篇) - 宫脇由季乃
34. 手机情人 1-2(完结篇) - 八神千岁
36. 小恶魔 cafe 1-4
37. 摇滚天国 1-8 (完整)
38.  水恋 (全)
39. 漫画家之梦 (全)
40. 半熟公主 (全)
41. SWEET 16 (全)


1. 幻影少年 1 - 万乘大智
2. Soul Eater 12 - 大久保笃
3. 食灵 Ga-Rei 1-2 - 濑川 始
4. 野蛮俏猫娘 1 - 松 智洋
5. 风之聖痕 1 - 山门敬弘
6. 咪神钓鱼师 1 - 佐藤正基
7. 魔法零蛋 1 - 叶恭 弘
8. 恶魔辩护 1 
9.神曲奏界 1
10.WITCHBLADE 丈琉 1-2(全)

12. 碧海 AiON 1-2
13. BRAVE 10 1-2
14. K-ON! 1-2
15. 魔法行商 1-3
16.疯狂猎杀 1
17. 无头骑士 Durarara!! 1-2
18. 学园默示录 High School of the  Dead 1-2
19. 时空迷逃 1
20. 天降之物 1

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Works in Progress

2 of my most recent linearts.
Original characters again, in different costumes! :D
But seriously, the proportions are... sadistic.
I'll just, run along now...
Will be coloured soon, after I draw other characters' linearts.

A head.

A head....
yup just a head...
few months ago I drew a head...
i don't know why, but I drew a head.

aahhh!! my head!!
anyways I'm bored,
so I'm randomly posting things I drew for no reason!
this is when I'm only weeks away from going to NS.
just a little practice I guess.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Finally got my "P" license from the photoshop guy!!! XDD so happy about it!!!
now i can LEGALLY drive!!! >:D
although i still need supervising coz i seriously got probs in my driving sometimes...
watch out world!!
but seriously, I really need more experience.
Let me drive in my neighbourhood sure no prob,
but once i hit the highways,
WAH!! a big blank!!
there's too many things to keep a lookout for and, it's tiring
seriously, how can parents tahan driving for 8 hours from KL to terengganu O.O
i really wonder sometimes...
i salute them.

But the feeling is quite different, once u know how to drive..
but im sure in the end I'll get bored with it like anyone else in the world.
In another way, I can gain experience everytime I'm behind the wheels!!
so I really hope I can just park the car smoothly next time =.=