Sunday, March 25, 2012


~Week 1 ~
The first day was us arriving at the "Zetro" building. Then to the airport. In the plane, I was somewhat tired.. or nervous of going away alone.. so i slept. Then a considerate guy (around age 20-30) sitting beside me during the flight woke me up when the food arrived. :D He checked on me 2-3 times to make sure i'm ok.. XD i feel so loved~!! yea right.. but his girlfriend was sitting beside him so maybe he's just showing a good side of him to her.. Or maybe the fact that my whole expression on my face was loneliness (which wasnt -.-).. MEH~ When I arrived in camp, it was already 10.30pm. 8 girls (including me) walked with another 2 girls who arrived earlier to a dorm. The area was dark n somewhat scary, but it's ok for me.. that night, 8 of us slept in a 30-spaced dorm, empty and dark. whew~


Hmm the past few days were quite ok but UTTERLYYYY BORING! We took our uniforms on the 3rd day, and we started kawad (marching) on the 4th day. After the 4th day, the girls started to sport hot guys. By then, lots of stories... nono.... MILLIONS OF GIRLY STORIES started to appear. All of them would scream when they see a hot guy, this this that that. It's all not that interesting to me but, to survive, u have to join them. = v = OHOHOHO~~

5th day! Coco came to my dorm to gossip! Actually it wasn't counted as gossip, just sharing experiences in different dorms. (I'm dorm E2, she's dorm E4) by then only i reminded myself how friggin fast can she receive news and connect them together.. -.- At night, I called QY and talked with her for 30 minutes! XD That time, my friends were all speaking eng & BM, so it's been a while since i talked in mandarin, n my throat felt dry.. .__. By that time also, i started to get close to E2 girls!! >:D

7th day! We were thrown by the teachers a project called the KKJ(Kontrak Kita Janji) group work project for our company BRAVO. For once we girls have to co-operate with the guys to make a presentation, think of slogans etc. I drew part of the flag and that was when people found out my fetish for art. :D But then, there were more artists than I thought in BRAVO females!!

At night, I called KL!! The first thing she told me was that Jaejoong in FB was real!! O___O Waaaah! N she felt so excited! I took the phone to Coco so we chatted along. KL started her college life by then , and I was still stuck in NS. Great..

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm back!!!!

Yes im back from national service with stories to tell! >:D
will update here very soon with pics n stories from my weekly diary!!
now im tired n doing other stuff so i'll update some other time!
nights yall!