Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A step by step! :D
Just felt like doing it.
Found this sketch last 2 days ago and decided to finish the whole thing up.
Plus I've seen a tutorial which is about watercolor on lineart, might as well give it a try.
Spamming patterns here n there is what I like to do, although I can say too much can't be good. Heheh
Plus as usual, I'm forced to photoshop it since I was using my phone to take pictures of it.

The full version of Lotus can be seen here:
Lotus by Strvayne
There's more details there :D
It was fun doing this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Japan trip!!

Too much to say, too lazy to type.
It's better to hear me say out my experience instead of seeing mere words here.

But it was a memorable trip, in which the weather and season suits my likings very much. :)
Thanks to a very very cheap offer by AirAsia, the ticket prices made it possible for my family and I to travel to Japan-- one of my to-visit countries!
It was like a dream coming true to me, and I didn't even realise that it was time to travel there on the night before our flight!
The best part is, it's end of autumn and the beginning of winter, in which the weather is approximately between 1C-10C, which is cold at night and cool in the morning, just my type of weather!! :D

The image that the Japanese had gave me was:
- friendly
- heavy makeup on the face
- hardworking
- in order
- walking very fast
- up to date and on time

which was quite good, this makes it an opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn about their cultures and habits.
Pretty good exposure to me :)
I gave a title to the trip, which was
"3 Cities in 7 Days"
Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.
I personally liked Nara a lot, coz it's a town which has everything you need, and most of all,
they have deers :3
they're so cute!! although painful when bitten hehe
and the food made me convinced that Nara is more likeable.
The weather there wasn't as cold as Kyoto, which was good. Plus there are parks for people to jog or just have long walks, which I like a lot. :)

Osaka is the busy city, like Penang in Malaysia.
Everyone walks fast, sales here and there, fashion shops down the entire street.
Just a restless and busy city, especially at night. :)
The Kaiyukan (aquarium) gave me a wonderful sight,
especially the rotating school of fish and the whale shark.
Makes me appreciate the beauty of the ocean more~

Kyoto is like Melaka, full of  historical sights and wondrous views of nature.
There are many many temples and shrines which can be easily found since all of them are connected into a pathway, easing tourists to walk from temple to temple.
It can be tiring to walk from here to there since it's quite a big area, but it's good exercise to me. :D
I liked Kiyomizudera, it gave me a lot of inspiration just by looking at the structure and the name of the buildings. Plus I saw a few famous singers from Korea and Taiwan filming there for travel shows.
Well aren't I lucky to spot them :)

Anyway, just a small conclusion.
I will go to Japan once again, when I have the ability and oppertunity!!
Thanks again mom for making one of my little dreams come true. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happiness after a storm

My assignments and final projects are finally finished!! :D
I was so enthusiastic, I drew this.
Title : Flower Deer

The fact that this artwork got 20+ likes on my facebook is very very encouraging for me!!
It made me want to do better and better!!
Although 20+ sounds quite a few, but i know i can improve until i get more and more likes!!
I will work my way to the top!!

Back to the story, this encouraged me a lot when people tend to like it, I feel hope in me.
Compared to the last few days when I was quite down because I was starting to wonder whether I'm really fit to be an artist, this was a little hope for me. :)

I will work harder to produce more unexpected artworks!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sometimes, just sometimes...

I will think and wonder,
am I really an artist?
Am I doing it right?
why am I not good enough?
How can I excel and improve?

Sometimes I just get confused, or maybe it's because I wanted to be good at everything.
I haven't found my distinct style yet, and I keep wandering while trying out different mediums.
And in the end I'm lost.
Am I really counted as "good at drawing"? Or just a person who likes drawing?
In the end I don't know where to go.

But then after a night's sleep I tend to get back to my senses and motivate myself to be better!!
I must excel!!!
What's to give up on! I can do this!!
I can move on further!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm being temporary emo, since I tend to think too much :/