Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nostalgic or Stressed?

I'm either or neither... but then.... i don't know..
somehow the stress builds up on me...
my mentality isn't really affected by it..
but I'm physically affected.. o.o
that makes me wonder is there something wrong with me..?

I think too much..
anyways assignments r starting to build up, get serious and the least bit of tough i guess..
my other assignments r moving on, but there's a particular class in which makes me wonder for a long time..
Drawing 1.
It's hard to get an A for that assignment...
I only get Bs... n i ain't that satisfied..
coz there's contour, shading, tone, proportions, this n that...
too much to worry about..
n then, there's the time limit...
plus if the lecturer comes in late, our time limit shortens too.. =.=
rush rush rush... every wed evening aha..
gotta practice myself i guess... focus focus..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

R.I.P Snowy

3.7.2012  May my little white rabbit Snowy rest in peace and find peacefulness in her afterlife.

Aaah it's a heartbreaking scene to endure, especially the time when I had to look after her, but looked at her slowly die in pain instead, n there was nothing i could do. I just patted her already unrecognized forehead slowly n told her what a good rabbit she was to me.

Doubtless that this made an impact on my mood today.. nothing really could shove me off the fact that I lost Snowy. but then, she's an olllllld rabbit, n it's normal for her to grow old n leave.

I knew what will happen when she 1st got that tumor, n gosh im prepared for this.
Anyways I'll wish her a very safe journey to heaven, n i'll miss the days i hold her in my arms, n when she's ignoring me. ahaha

Rest In Peace, Snowy.