Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day

It's the last day of 2011!! :D
it's also the last day i get to laze around before the start of a new year!
tmrw is a FRESHHHHH start!!
new year, new chances, new experiences, new friends, new feelings!
i hope the next year is filled with happiness n relief..
n i'm not planning to let my hopes down!
well 2012 will surely include a big change in life..
im just hoping everyone can cope with it well!

hmm it's about time i bid goodbye temporarily to my family n friends..
tmrw's the day im going for national service..
3 months, no probs i hope!
i'll make sure i will come back with a matured mind, n surely a healthy n buff body XDDD
skinny i pray!! ><

so to all of you out there,
please don't stress yourself too much!
this world has many more wonderful things waiting for us to discover!
n please be aware of your health always!!
plus please don't be too bothered by 2012 n keep your hopes up! >:D


Happy New Year 2012 with love :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


that's what i don't have now.
add a spice of anxiety to that..
i have only less than 5 days to do things before im not around..
too many things
yet im so tired...
oh so tired...
i can't rest,
or time will flow away from my fingers.

i worry too..
i worry about my mom, my pets, my friends, my house, my role in the house(who's gonna do it), my future, my all..
it keeps my pace away from my future....
makes it hard to leave for that distance...
or maybe im just too tired n blabbering about nonsense..
i dont know...
im just, tired.

10 days of vacation, 10 days of preparation, 3 months of training, 3 years of college..
sudden but reality..
it somehow sounds tiring to me, but what can i do..
all of this returns to time.
maybe this level of "tire" is nothing to others..
but it took me a whole lot of energy to stay focused..
can't complain
it's life..

ganbatte me!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Meerrry Christmas!!!

had a pleasant n fun christmas party at aaron's hse :D
thanks a lot for him in holding it all in his house..
it must have been troublesome for him..

i didn't really eat that much..
a very sempurna amount :3
n now typing this, im hungry le... =.=
no matter...!
the fun part was his very very very nice audio system :D
playing all the party, christmas, k-pop songs..
what a nice feeling!
i liked it very much when everyone was dancing to LMFAO n 2NE1 XDD

n then the main part of the event...
present exchange!!!
everyone got very nice presents..
compared to mine....
a .....
n not just any clock...
an alarm clock........

It's not such a good sight for me..
thank you anyway... orz
but before that!!!
a very very very very very FRIGGIN nice present!!!
KL's oh so wonderful present for me!!!!
a belated present!

aaaaah im so happy to get this!!!!
it actually cancelled the fact that i got the clock.....
aaaaah i actually shouted when i saw this.. ^^
cinca CINCA suki kore present da yo!!
made my day XD
thanks a loooott again to KL :D
u deserve a biig hug~!! XDDD

the party was fun,
with qy kl shar n kx's presence.
to me.
hahaha sometimes i feel blessful...
but then...
there's another story.

at last
have a warm night, and may candle lights shine your way to happiness.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


it's the 1st day since my SPM ended.. >:D
n after chinese which is today, i went out to celebrate with my peeps~
but the unlucky part of all of this is......
i was friggin tired ==

duno is it bcoz of my bad habit of sleeping late, knowing i'm tired after the exams...
or i seriously have a bad-body-withstanding-power.......
i was actually half asleep most of the time...
but another half was fun n i know that!

aah i don't even know what i'm typing now... literally...
all that i know is....
5 hours of karaoke is no joke...
especially for a sleepy person ==
but it's worth the money n fun that's for sure.

i don't know it's bcoz of tiredness or other reasons...
but i feel like punching a person politely...
i really mean politely...
it got me up on my nerves for that 2.12sec
n that was when i really wanna punch in a polite way..
what the friggin hell was that.......

shud i... or...