Sunday, April 29, 2012


My recent desktop!! :D
Finally tidied things up on my desktop and add a little "things" to it!! XD
just another random idea which popped up from my little world called "brain".

Light and Darkness

Not all that is dark is evil, and not all that is light is pure.

2 sisters born as twins, one believed to be a descendent of angels, one believed to be a child of demons.
Yet they hide more to what others believed them to be.

My most recent one!! A bit of here and there I believe... :D

Monday, April 23, 2012


Finally I found the album of my previous trip to Bali!! Will post few pics here if possible!

Today was my driving exam!! It took me a whole lot of effort to actually wake up from my slumber.. n trust me.. I was still yawning when the driving exam commenced.

I was placed in Batch 1 with my turn at no. 57!
It took a while to wait until my turn.. n the process was a bit heart-blowing as u see people before u fail at the hill exam ONE BY ONE. Well, that ain't too comforting to see... *close one eye*
When it was my turn, first thing's first. Sweat.
I sweated like a person who just ran 1km non-stop... n it took me one seat in the car to do that =.=
bcoz of the hill exam... I tend to fall backwards from the hill when I move my feet away from the brakes.. n I was very sure I pulled the handbrake. But this time I didn't make the mistake! N miraculously I passed the hill exam!! Whew.. after that I was pretty sure I can pass Bahagian II, which I did. :D
After completing the 3-point-turn, we were supposed to drive the test car back to the hill section for other examinees to use, in which they're waiting for their turn there.
And with a swipe of my hair from my shoulders, n the wind blowing my hair with flow, I got down from the car, closed the door, n walked to the counter to take my paper, LIKE A BOSS.

3rd part wasn't that hard either, n I passed with 18/20!! :D

So... typically... I passed my driving test

Thursday, April 19, 2012

At last!

After dreaming since form 2, my half dream finally came true!!!

it really was good news to me when i got the letter saying the registration suceeded n i was accepted :D it really was my dream to get into a good college, brush up my skills to the max n go further in my studies about animation.

Now i really have to be extremely hardworking n flexible!! no matter how hard this road may be, but I'm half ready to start my first steps!! Although i do feel a little anxious about entering college just like that, but I really hope i get to meet new people, make new friends n just have a memorable time in college!!

だから!!! グエンドがんばってですよ!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Enjoy it while you can, no matter how.

Ta-da!! An artwork again!! I got the whole concept from a picture I saw in FB, n I decided to make it an artwork :)

Time : 2.5 hrs
Medium : SAI & PS3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cloud Priestess

My recent artwork!! I finished it yesterday, n it's the 1st complete artwork since I came back from NS!! So, please bear the stiffy parts... =.=

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Before and After

I found an old drawing when I was cleaning up my room! I was bored so I decided to redraw it! :D

Left drawing : Drawn during 2007
Right drawing : Drawn today 2012

5 freaking years, and I see liiiiitle improvement only...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This time, Shar wanted to buy small gifts to her students as a farewell gift from the tuition centre she's working at, so I offered to help her to make bookmarks, so she agreed. Yay I got a client! :D

I had to make 23 bookmarks in less than 1 week = .=
I start off with these simple looking but variety in colours bookmarks.... And in less than 5 days, TADA!!

They became this!!! XDDD (oh gosh blogger's loading pic system = = )

Well this time they weren't that pain-in-the-neck to do... in fact they came out naturally, spontaneously when something random appear from my mind.

Random Series

Life Series

Nature Series

Pattern Series

To who may come across this post, I am open for commission and requests in bookmark and card making. Please contact me if interested. Thank You. :)

My task is done.

I mean, posting my weekly diary.. yeah it's finally done! Took me a whole lot of typing... n my fingers hurt.. = =
anyway... Now I'm back from NS, time will once again return to its friggin fast speed... n my life will be busy from april onwards... again.... haiz~ I have to keep pace with busy city life again, think for my future, plan my future n more... It's ok for me... I blend in just nice.. :D

Oh yeah! These are the sketches I drew during my time in NS! I couldn't live without drawing!! It's all based on my inspiration towards friendship :)

N this one is drawn from the original picture, which I will not post here but it can be seen in FB :)

Thanks to my friend Naomi for teaching me to edit my sketches as so with colour in PS3. :D


The last days. It was fast, actually. Time speeds when u're in camp. Coz the feeling's like isolated from the outside world.. so we didn't know 2 1/2 month passed that fast. But we all wanted to go home, yet we wanna live with our beloved friends again. Dilemma.

The morning started with our Official Closing for Siri 9 Kump 1 2012. We handed our beloved flags back to the teachers, formally that is.. with all the kawad stuff n such.. Then we saw some interesting performances.. I liked the Silent March the most :D I was thinking of joining last time, but due to me participating in sports, i have no time to train.. so I'm forced to focus on sports... haiz~ Then there's this dance which they put the Sarawak 1malaysia song.. it was quite nice... which geraldine, wendy, jan-ice n I made parodies for the song... " Chicken floss, (chicken floss!) Cheeeecken floss (CHICKENFLOSS!) " something like this~ then the 1 Malaysia song played n we all had fun doing the hand postures :D when the song ended, everyone threw their berets up in the sky! It was so nice!! :D yeah... we officially graduated from camp activities!! >:D

At night was the piala commanden competition, where u have to make a sketch/musical about life in NS... which was a boring thing for me =.= anyways the last dinner there was.. pleasant :) I took a lot of pics with every one of my good friends, not to mention my volleyball coaches :D

The next day. The last day we are in camp. We all woke up with nostalgic feelings.. dilemma!!!! The sarawakians head off first in the bus.. aah it was not a pleasant sight to see Geraldine cry sooo much bcoz we KL people r going back to West M'sia.. she keep saying she'll miss me... which I too will miss her very much, along with many others... In the end, we KL ppl looked as the buses went off one by one... well goodbye to our camp friends. : ' )

At last, KL people head to the airport n reached there by 11am. The flight was 2pm, so we had time to walk around the airport.. The utmost touching thing is... those friggin sarawak friends came to the airport to see us off!! XDD aiyaaaahhhh so nice!! The first to reach the airport was Lydia!! YAY!! XDD my bed buddy/neighbour!! along with her mother by her side, they wished me a safe n pleasant flight back home :) heartwarming much! X 3 after they left, Wendy came!! CHINGU!!!! tomodachi!!! YA!!!! She also came to see us off :D aaah so thankful!! Some Alpha girls also came to the airport :D then Brenda came too : 3 awww so nice of them~~ Geraldine was coming to send me off too, but she was stuck in a traffic jam... By that time, I didn't have time to wait anymore... It's almost time to go into the boarding hall!!! Oh sheet!!! Geraldine where r eu!!!! O_____O When waiting in line to scan our bags, I kept turning my head back to find her... my heart was very nervous as we had not much time left... I can't really leave without a proper goodbye with her!!! Suddenly I heard running footsteps n someone called my name!! I turned n saw Geraldine!! oh mai gawsh at the 11th hour much!!! BEH TAHAN NIAA!!! I hugged her n for once, I cried sliently behind her back.. She seemed proud to have made me cry, but she also can't tahan her tears XDD ohohohoo.... we handed each other letters n I went in the boarding hall.

The flight back to KL was indeed pleasant :D n I reached my home safely, arms open wide welcoming my return. It feels good to be home. :)

As last words, I want to thank all of my peeps for being there for me, with me and along me in camp! :) Ya chingu! Gomawo!! 友達!本とにありがとう!!

1. Geraldine
2. Jan-ice
3. Lydia
4. Wendy
5. Brenda
6. Elena
7. Jamie
8. Sindu
9. Leevya
10. Tiff
11. Hibah
12. Athirah
13. Piqah
14. Iffah
15. Eza
16. Disha
17. Woon
18. Li Mien
19. Catherine
20. Helni
21. Coco Pang!!!!!!!! XDDD
22. Naomi
23. Farina
24. Daffeny
25. Pei Ying


Once a Juara, Forever a Juara. ;)


Sports competition with another 2 camps!! >:D KPP & KPS! The journey from our camp to KPP camp took us a friggin 3 hour ride on the bus!! Gosh.... everyone slept at least 2 hours in the bus... O.O when we reached there.. the camp doesn't really have trees.. so it was friggin hot to begin with... then the sports had all begun.. in the afternoon, it was time for we KJS girls to play with KPS, who earlier defeated KPP... The first 6 went in the court to play.. n gosh the KPS people didn't put up a good match, it was obvious that they were aiming for the 1st place n they'll do anything to win.. even putting a total of 4 out of 6 members as teachers.... O__O in the end KJS(we) lost to them... well nevermind....
The next match was KJS vs KPP!! A battle for 2nd place! All the supporters of our camp came here to cheer on our team!! Whoa the flow of SEMANGAT MAN!!! incredible!!! plus every supporter wore our camp's orange shirt, so we Juara people stand out a lot!! Our coach switched us with the first 6 one by one, n I got to play too :D
In the end KJS got 2nd place.. well it's ok.. i guess... MEH~

Monday : Wirajaya! :D Meaning we enter the forest for one night n stay there :D I'm in the same group as Geraldine, Janice n etc. At first we thought we're going deep into the forest, but in the end we were just a few steps away from our female dorm.. .__. ok.. not what I expected... First thing's first!! Setting up a camp! We had to tie 2 sticks with one long stick, then put the blue cloth on top of the sticks n one on the ground... Ok, we done it, but it took us a friggin long time to set up a simple tent... n in the end we even got teacher's help.... =.= Anyway a few people were in charge of cooking food, which was rice, long beans, n chicken in a bamboo (ayam pansuh). By the time we ate, it was around 3pm, n the chicken tasted sooooooooooooooooo nice!! :3 Around 5.30 pm, due to continuous rain, we were forced to go back to our dorms instead of spending a night in the forest.. Everyone was happy but I didn't mind to sleep in there u know... - ^ -



 It's finally my turn to play!! The Bravo people who haven't play lined up.44 in total! I found out that these people were the ones I'm more biased to compared to other Bravo people.. picky much.. i know... haiz~ I was the first few people to play. Brenda n I wore the gloves, n I found it interesting.. mayb coz I was hyped.. I played "ABA, ABB.." game with her n i slapped her gloves... the sound of thick leather gloves slapping like that was funny.. XDD We both laughed~ After that I "flew" down the course after Brenda. :D The teachers below said my flight was dangerous coz one of the locks weren't locked properly.. oh well~ btw the lake was pretty when I flew on top of it XDD

Just a caution, this will be a very long story.


Friday was Kawad competition (Marching competition) !! Bravorians all trained like hell during Thursday n there's a bit of improvement.. The shocking thing was... teacher chose me to be the squad leader!! (Commander of the marching group) Oh my gosh.. I've never dreamt n believed I can lead a squad!! Heck I don't even have kawad experience!! All I did from Form 1-5 was Wushu's "HAA!!!" So teacher chose me mostly bcoz of my voice... =.= It shocked me for a while but since no one wanted my spot, I had no choice but to accept. Well, this is troublesome...

Training my voice was another hard thing.. My voice was like.... friggin 沙哑 n I'm still forced to shout.. Haiz.... FRIDAY! COME FAST AAA!! I couldn't wait to finish everything!
Finally it was friday! Teacher gave me last advises n now it's all up to me to lead 30 Bravo wirawatis on the field. Pressure enough... .__. During the clothes inspection time, I made a big mistake by bringing Woon's Eclipse in my pocket, so in the end there was this cling cling sound when I walked to the front.. n all the teachers laughed... embarrasing much... ><  We were the 7th out of 8 groups to march. The Bravo guys were the 3rd. I watched the way they kawad, n it was quite terrible... Why on earth were they like that? The commander made a lot of mistakes by giving wrong commands, n he forgot to give some basic commands too. I saw his utmost stressed face during kawad, he couldn't calm down.. So after their kawad I saw he n the Ketua wira cry at the side. The Ketua gestured me to him n he told me to not make the same mistakes as them. By that time I was friggin hyped + angry + sooo pumped up. Yeah, it's up to Bravo girls to fight for our company!! My face sterns up n I looked fierce, ready for some meat biting.. Freaking sheet... = =

During our turn to kawad, I shouted like hell!! I made a big mistake at the front part as I mistaken the middle of the field to be somewhere else... Well sheeet..... = = But thank goodness the commands were clear in my mind.. I took my own sweet time on the field. The best part of everything was, the girls' kawad was sooo friggin nice!!!! That was the first time I saw them being so cooperative n together!! My commands got louder n louder every minute, n they responded my "KIRI KANAN KIRI!" perfectly!!! AWWWWWWWWW I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! XDD By the time I lapor diri in front of the Commanden(Tuan) he kept praising all of us on how well we had done. That felt suuuper satisfying!! Even the crowd said "WAAAHH!" when the girls kawad!! XDDD

After the kawad thing, all of us were sooo happy!! A few people congratulated me for giving correct commands. Then all of us went to the Hall for the prize-giving ceremony. I was veryyy nervous as I made 2 mistakes during the kawad n the fact that Bravo teachers put their hopes on my shoulders. Btw, Cikgu Bujang was the teacher who inspired n encouraged us to do our best, n he helped me a lot in perfecting my personal kawad. Anyway, the first few prizes were for the 1st place in sports. Bravo won a few but Alpha won the most. Congrats! Then they announced the 1st place for guys kawad, which went to Delta. Well, too bad.. I felt the Bravo guys' disappointment.. But no matter, it was time to announce the 1st place for girls' kawad!! My heart was pounding sooooooooooooo friggin fast!!! I hoped it to be Bravo coz all of them worked so hard for this! Then suddenly, " Tempat pertama jatuh kepada..................................................... BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! XDDDDDDDD we all jumped up n down n Woon went up to take the prize with a BIG smile on her face!! :) I was so proud of them all!! Then there was another important prize I'm aiming for : Best female Squad leader. That really meant something to me as among Alpha Bravo Charlie n Delta squad leaders, I was the only one who is not a rank-holder.. as in, I'm just a normal trainee.. So my heart beated eveeeennn fasterrrr!! then I heard teacher said, "Lee--" then I jumped up n hugged Woon! I WON!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OH MAIGAWSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I think all the Bravo girls jumped behind me too! Oh mai gosh i couldn't believe it, I beat all the rankholders!! That was a big shock to me... I saw Bravo teachers' smiles, n I went on stage to take my medal~~ The Commanden (Tuan) also praised me for the good work. I was so happy until I forgot how to kawad on stage!! XDD That was friggin enjoyable!!! XD
Our hard work :)


After all of that, I was freaking tired, but there's still Kembara Halangan competition waiting for me, well great...... = __ = So after a 45 mins nap, it's time to roll again.. Kembara Halangan was important for us to get merit points. Again Bravo girls were the 7th out of 8 groups to start the course. Apparently, we noticed that Charlie n Delta combined together to fight Alpha n Bravo coz A&B won many stuff n both companies r always fighting for no.1.. Well where's the sporty spirit now... = ____= anyway wadeva~ A&B will combine to be Alvo!! XDDD *PEEEEET!! Bravo's turn!!

15 of us ran freaking fast pass the woods n around the lake. The course was the same as last time, only now there's 15 strong people in our team. Our strategy was for 2 strong ppl to support another 2 strong people over the wall. Then the 2 strong ppl who went pass the wall (me included) sprint over the high platform, climb the monkey bars n rope, n wait for other members at the rope area to catch them.Well all of that went smoothly, I even passed the rope, but then there wasn't anyone to catch me, so I fell into the water too eventually.. = 3 = But I climbed out of the water pool n sprinted up the hill to the last 2 obstacles, until I reached the finish line... I panted like sheet... = o = " It was a relief to have finished the course. I caught Ain at the finish line where she almost fainted, together with Lydia n Farina. After all of that mess on our attire, (great we have to wash till our hands break again = =) it was time to announce the winners again. And again, with confidence, we saw the Bravo girls' time beat the other companies!! We got 9.07mins while the other teams got above 10 mins, so we were considered friggin fast!! Again!! BRAVO GIRLS WON!!! WOOOOHOOOO!! WE MADE IT!!! XDDDDDD Sheeeet!! I'm so happy again!!! Plus the winner for the whole competition (including guys) was also BRAVO!!! for once the guys finally cheered! All of us were sooo happy!!!!!! XDDDDDD oh gosh I friggin love Bravorians by that time!! Even the Alpharians cheered for us~ Commanden(Tuan) said we Bravo people.... really hebat! Daebak!! 一番!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! XDDD

Actually, all that happened, was all thanks to the Bravo teachers. They guided us as so to be the best in kawad, especially Cikgu Bujang, as he never once shouted at our flaws, he just patiently taught us until we became the best. I ought to salute to him. :)
Not to mention the Bravorians!! Without their utmost awesome teamwork, we could never be at the top TWICE! So I really felt like hugging each n every one of them! > v < They r like my little children who I cared for dearly!



First thing's first. Kembara Halangan (obstacle course). Charlie n Delta girls went in the course 1st n teacher said no one crossed the monkey bars, I know it's a little evil but this made me hyped!! Alpha n Bravo went in group by group. I only know that Bravo wirawatis r so hyped! Coz I n a few people started to heat things up.. The kembara halangan starting point was damn hard for me... coz we had to enter the forest, run down a muddy trail, run around a fairly big lake, run up a 200-300m hill (which was steep), then the actualy course only starts. = __ = Well, that took away part of my stamina... Dammit.. I hurried across the first two obstacles, which provides u to jump over a bar n cross a "hanging bridge".. easy for me.. The obstacles r as so :

1. Jump over a bar at waist height.
2. Cross a "hanging bridge".
3. Climb up an 1.8m wall.
4. Walk up a very high platform n avoid the holes.
5. Monkey bars.
6. Swing across the water with a rope.
7. Tunnel.
8. Crawl under wires.

The 3rd one was a problem. Immense teamwork is needed... Since girls r not strong enough to lift themselves, so we needed to lift each other up one by one. Lydia lifted me up n I just sprinted to the 4th one, which was easy. ( I shud have helped ) 5th was my pride. There was 2 lanes for monkey bars n everyone was supposed to use the right lane, but i didn't know. I used the left one n just climbed. Until halfway, teacher scolded me for using it, so i turned around n climbed back. Then teacher said nvm so I turned around AGAIN n continued. Man.. I used up 1/4 more of strength... I didn't know how to cross the 6th one so i fell into the water ... = = 7th n 8th was easy too.. In the end, Bravo got 22 mins. Alpha won with 21 minutes. Haiz... but it was fun actually.. :D


I didn't get to play actually... = 3 = Since it rained heavily during the activity... Actually the course was quite short... an " ok ok " only distance n height.. It was fun seeing ppl sliding down in different ways, n the way they "lapor diri" also so sampat!! XDD Lydia, Wendy n I were the last 3 girls to leave the spot, so we ran in the rain (adding Woon by our side) n it was sooooooo nice!! XDD The rain falling on my face, without a care in the world, dammn syok!! XDD


Ratu Kebaya (Miss Kebaya) n Juara Idol finals were on the same night! The girls put on their best make up n damn they're gorgeous!! The guys will sure fall for them!! On their knees, on the wall, on the floor, on their minds!! The winner for ratu kebaya was undeniably beautiful in her way.. :) Juara Idol was nice too.. some people sang like professionals, n I really mean pros...... In the end Bravo only won Ratu Kebaya 3rd place. Not bad! >:D

Monday, April 2, 2012


The 1st day of the week was more on shooting theory n it already excited me!! The 2nd day was shooting day!!

The shooting ground is like a hill.. i drew it.. as u see it beside here <<.

My number was group 8. target 11. U can feel the nervous in u when u're next soon. Plus, they gave us earplugs. At a close distance, the bang of the M16 was quite loud.. = = but it was not as loud as I expected. It didn't frighten me, but it actually excited me! XD finally it was my turn!! There's a person to guide us at the shooting area. The first bullet was like.... BOOM! The impact on my shoulder was hard! There's also gunpowder smell, WOOHOO!! XD In a flash, 20 rounds of bullets were used up. eeesh that was fast.. = ^ = Well, at least in my life, I touched a gun before. : 3 NOT EVERYONE GETS TO HOLD A GUN YOU KNOW! HAH!

On thurs, the 10 chosen volleyball representing camp went to the Serian bomba to train n have a friendly match with professional players!! The cooler part is, we played in the heavy rain!! XDD 青春啊啊啊!!! The teachers taught us how to spike n counter spikes! N once again my serve improved! It was a very good experience n I really appreciate their effort in teaching us. :D

Friday : there was actually a water confidence activity, but bcoz Wendy was sick, I decided to accompany her in camp. In the end we cleaned the kolam, dried all our clothes, swept our places n almost everything we needed to do was done :D In the end the water confidence was only dipping ur head in the water n water rafting.. which i did before already so... MEH~ COMMON!! I WAS BORN FROM THE SEA!! XDDD

Saturday : Community service!! JUARA 5 went to a kindergarten in Kampung Taee. We painted it inside out, cleaned the windows, swept the place, removed weeds, n such. As an appreciation, the kakaks there cooked lunch for us!! Aww!~ CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD Damn 感动!! The lunch was damn nice! to me anyways~ It's been a while since I ate such good food! Even the vege tasted like heaven! In the end the kindergarted looked clean n appropriate for children to run around : 3


There's 35 more days till I go home!! Now I started to wonder why everyone was so excited of life here... Actually till now it was quite boring.. 60% boring to be exact.. maybe bcoz all the activities start with theories first, then practical. MEH~

During thurs, it was Lydia(dorm leader)'s b'day. Then last sunday, it was Wendy's b'day. Somehow they managed to buy a cake from the "outside world" (outside camp) n celebrate their b'days. Today, it will be "Piqah"'s b'day.. n YET they have another surprise cake waiting for her.. ._.

Actually on the 9th of feb, I was very stressed. On that day, I felt like a burden to the team bcoz of my lack in volleyball experience. I felt stressed when I didn't hit the ball. Stress one. Then at the dorm, there was this stupid fuss about someone using other people's stuff without asking. Great.. .conflict on the day I was unhappy. Stress two. Plus, the logo designing was due tomorrow n I had no ideas at all. Stress three. Listening to xxx's problems. Stress four. Imma go mad after that day... @__@

During wed, it was Coco's turn who was stressed with her bunch... Someone teased her until she was so stressed, that she called her mom to tell her problems out.. Gosh.. by that time I really wanted to punch the taeyangs who bullied her!! D:<

Anyway, next week will be the week we MENEMBAK( shooting ) !!! Im friggin excited!! Plus by the end of Feb or March there's survival in the forest!! Plus a lot more to come so.. I hope... this will get more n more interesting!!


Frustrating Dobi

During Saturday, I finally knew my problem in serving (volleyball)! I had to friggin bend down during my serve! O.O I was so happy when i knew my problem!! XDD

Next up was Module Budaya Kerja! Although it was boring for other people, but it's an experience for me! For once I liked my group members (over 4 weeks of torturing with other groups) as they r willing to work together.. so.. yeah..! : 3 I met new friends, learned how to fold a "Suru" (origami paper bird ) so... yeah!! >:D

After the Buddhist class, I learned that the heart needs to be at peace, not rushing adrenaline everytime, but calm.. that way we can think properly, see things clearly n our mindset is clear too. The class is somewhat beneficial to me, in personal reasons.

Unseen reality : I felt sad, as we were walking in different directions, but it was the truth. I have to respect what you do, I'm forced to.


Things were starting to get heaty.. n i mean it.. BRAVORIANS r.... aaah! A girl named Zen n the ketua got complications yet to be solved.. n Geraldine accidentally hit someone's head.. I won't say names here, but please, grow up u taeyang...

Coco's habit of listening to things halfway n strolling to another topic was quite terrible these days... it was getting worse n worse... so I thought of telling her about it.. I remembered i told her about she complaining too much.. n i asked of her to just let some things be...

Plus, more n more people were complaining about the camp, n I was quite sick of listening to them. Can't they just live with it n accept it instead of blabbering nonsense? = = If it's not satisfying, endure it will u? Ugh...

This week is just... full of traps n obstacles... so i'm hoping a rainbow will shine the next week.


1st day! Elena was still feeling unwell.. plus the weather was soooo hot!!! - __ - '' Due to the sickness flying around the dorm n the fact that I stick with Elena all the time... I became sick too.. = _ = '' Flu n mild sore throat! Plus a heaty body to add that on! But thanks to a few medicine mom brought for me, I felt better! :D

Oh yes.. last night was the first night I felt homesick. I missed mom, bro, Lilo, snowy, n most of all........ MAMAK... = ^ = Anyways I was planning to call KX, by then they were having a gathering of 7 : QY, KL, Shar, KX, Alee, Dea n Wan Ping.. including me if talking with loudspeaker on counts : 3 Anyway they haven't gathered for a long time, so they planned the meeting. For a while there I felt left out, although they passed the phone around the table so everyone talked to me.. But it's not anyone's fault that I wasn't there... so... SHOVE OFF THE FEELING!! n then i remained neutral again.. =.=

I've been enlisted as one of the 18 people to be potentially representing our camp for volleyball!! XD  So.. somehow I get to train for free!! XDD Among the 18 is Coco, Lydia, Disha, Brenda(CKX)... etc.. At first I was counted as the few who knew how to play the basics, but then it got hard when the training continues.. just have to tahan i guess..

On a random day, we finally got to enter the forest!!! XDDD DAMN EXCITED!! I didn't mind the full Celoreng outfit (which consists of many layers of fabric = =)! although it was only a briefing for the activities to come, but it got me hyped up just by stepping into the forest!!

After coming out of the forest, the wind blew VERY heavily. And somehow, from the forest trees, millions of daffodils blew towards the dewan n padang kawad!! It was sooooo damn beautiful, n it was best of the many beautiful scenes I saw in this camp! U can even catch the little daffodils as they float by u, pass u n surround u. :)


Hmm.. the first few days were interesting. The BRAVORIANS were sooooo verryyy semangat!! During the cheer, for once everyone was taking part by shouting their lungs out! XD Then our enthusiasm was so high, until we had a competition with Alpha n Delta people!! Charlie people were like... gone... .__.

The day of KKJ (Kontrak Kita Janji) presentation! BRAVORIANS did quite well, although it was a little off the top.. ehehe... but thanks to a girl called Brenda, who talks what she thinks oh so openly... the presentation wasn't that boring.. the way she talked got people to focus on her.. which is quite awesome..! And as a result, BRAVORIANS WON FOR BEST KKJ!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD That! was the happiest moment so far in PLKN camp..

The last 2-3 days of the week, cough struck our dorm. Out of 30 people in our dorm, at least 5-6 people were sick. Cough, flu, fever, sore throat, you name it! The dorm was like.... infested with viruses n bacteria... = = n due to a not so strong body.. my fren Elena fell sick too.. By that time I was so proud of my Vitamin Cs I took daily... almost at the hidung tinggi point!! but then i reminded myself... my body wasn't that strong either.. = =

Another thing! The medic here sucks!! = ^ = They prescribed medicine for patients.. n the medicine made their sickness worse... What in the world... = = PLUS they were not there as they should have during their operating hours... Well... screw them.. I have my own lovely medicine from my mom ^ v ^