Thursday, August 30, 2012

Burst of Colour

Latest watercolour artwork! :D
Finished it yesterday out of the kick to experiment with colours.
Plus after seeing an inspirational video of speed painting by Wan Ling,
This is how it came to be. :)
Used actual/good quality watercolour paper, n it colours like a breeze..
the feeling when u're painting on the paper was divine!!
No wonder it's so expensive!
But that is a gift from Pei Hui last year!
So I thank her again for it! :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Talk Play Love

Something for KL n QY n my sub-blog TPL !! :D
A little doodle since I'm still having my sem-break!
I used the usual clothing we wear! (except for the white shoes.. they're random..)
QY with her lovely shirts, me with my pink famish, n KL with her dresses!
Consider this a little gift to QY n KL.. although it's nothing actually ahaha

Another 2 artworks!!
Actually the 1st one is quite a while back..
decided to colour it using random textures..
And the 2nd one is actually drawn using a calligraphy brush..
= v =

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two in One!

" If only we lived a normal life, then I can treasure you forever."
"But fate doesn't allow us."

Innocent Love
Two in 1 day!
i mean finished them..
It's been a while since I actually painted with semi-watercolours!
They're semi coz I don't think the watercolours I bought are actual watercolour paints.
Both are inspired by the most recent anime I finished in 3 days,
Kimi ni Todoke!
Veryyyyyyy nice n sweet anime!
Something to get away from all those action-packed or just plain horny anime!
Refreshing and enjoyable!
Both artworks r also inspired by Kimi ni Todoke's OST,
which are both called "Kimi ni Todoke"(song name)
very very inspirational,
even the lyrics are touching, especially after you watch the anime!!!

assignment time.
= 3 =

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My college life! & book fest!

Uh... my college life is drawn into this artwork! :D
Each part of the artwork means something!!
it's up to u to figure it out!
yeah, even the cloud-like bubbly thingy at the neck has meaning!
n it's all connected to how i felt about my 1st sem college life...
can't help it if it gets a bit emo,
coz i was listening to sad songs = v = lll

went to book fair yesterday!!
n uhh...
there were so many books going for such a low price..
e.g. RM109.90 -> Rm 12.90
i saw the price n i just took the book!!!!
plus it has an interesting storyline!!
so uhhh i took 4 eng books(3 hard cover) n 4 chinese books!! :DD
was very very very happy!!
i treasure them all the way home = v =!
my mom saw the 8 books n she reminded me by saying,
"I thought someone said she won't buy any books at book fest, and went there just to LOOK at books. "
= = "
obviously i can't hold on to that...
beh tahan nia...
books!! how can i resist........

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I miss PHOTOSHOP ==/Bookfest/sunway lagoon


anyways, my com is still not back home from "hospital" yet...
n i friggin miss CG!!!
it's been a long time since I've drawn something using a compiutah!!!!
n i really hope i can get it back soon.
since frequently using my bro's com is not that safe too.. coz if a little virus comes in his com, I'm gonna run for my life.

the annual bookfest is coming!!!
n i'm sho excited!!
don't ask me why but i'm attracted to books~
that's just how i m :3

Plus went to sunway lagoon with my bunch of college friends.
there was a running man concept in which there's contestants, PD n of course the VJ...
N i was the one holding the cam
it went well at first..
but at some point it became too long of a wait, n in the end everyone decided to have some fun at the waterpark.
it was quite fun, but then it's friggin tiring also!!!
my gosh running n walking around the entire sunway lagoon
my feet just killed me yesterday
but then after all that we had dinner with our figure studies lecturers, ZY n jeffery! :D
the weird part is fetching them from college to the restaurant O.O
but there was Yeelu n yenyong in the car so it wasn't that weird..
after all that i just went home coz it was too late, n there's a traffic jam waiting for me ==
can't really believe there's traffic jam during 10pm = . =
n then finally found out it was due to an accident..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sem Break starting point!

 Alphonse Mucha, a 19th century artist drew these.. n i like it a lot! his other artworks r awesome too!

Finally the first sem break in my college life! :D
meaning i survived the 1st sem!!
actually it was a good experience, i mean studying in college for one sem..
it's just that my classmates r gonna reshuffle again
meaning time to make new friends.
but i don't mind, but pleaseee let them be decent ><

 Hmm maybe I'm an expressionless robot or something..
my brain doesn't really feel the longing or missing being in the same class with friends.....
it's just that we're diff class.. but then we're still friends,
we can still meet up u know...
n of course i'll ALWAYS remember the class in which i studied my foundations with..
especially a blonde who looked like the mascot of our class..
i only wish everyone a very very good luck in surviving the next 2.5 years to come!
ganbatte desu!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summary of my Lecturers

Since my semester 1 is ending soon... I'll just post..
What I remember most about my lecturers.

Design 1(William) - "Ah Boy/Girl aaaa..."/"Ben 10 with a character called four arms"/"NICHOLAS"
H.A.D (Hui Ling) - "Check out this artwork, and compare it to the previous one." > very History-of-Art teacher like..
LCS 1 (Ms. Pinky) - Anything about Bangkok, Thailand coz she keeps using that as Presentation 1 example./ Voice tones / Body language
Design 2 (She Mei) - Can't really stick her into my "NICE Lexturers" list.. But she's a bit........ ngeh..
Design 2 (Azma) - "DON'T save your AI file into the server folder or I'll come find u n lecture u aaa!"/ VERY straight to the point, n says what she sees n very straight-forward opinions. Sometimes funny too :D
Drawing 1 (Sing Hooi) - Casanova. ==
Drawing 1 (Jas) - "Don't draw the xxx like this or I'LL KILL YOU."/Very loving-like lecturer who can draw aweshomely!! There's a "jie jie" feel from her :D
Figure Studies (Zhuo Yu) - "Don't always draw the 3D form of the rib cage/pelvis like this, it should be more like this(draws on board)." Most people thinks he's strict, but from the 1st week, I got a "ge ge" feel from him, he's ok. :D
Figure Studies (Jeffery) - Sampat dao........... == But he's aweshome too! :D His facial expressions are...... abundant... ahahaaha
Malaysian Studies (Fadzillah) - "I'll tell u straightaway, since I puasa today, so I have no energy to teach u all today." =.= oh....kay.....? Well, at least we can go home early :D

Overall they're good lecturers, and some (I won't say who) of them I will find them again or remember them!
Now to face the exams 1st!!