Sunday, October 21, 2012

After a few months...

20 days since i've updated n posted here!!
there's a reason to all of this, coz
I've moved!!!
From point A to point B.....
oh wait, i meant i moved house, so it was quite hectic n busy.
especially during the moving house date, my gosh that was the most tiring day for me i guess.
Plus i realised that packing things into boxes wasn't the hard part, it was removing ur items from the boxes...
gosh by then u have to think which item goes where, n whatever u want to reveal or hide on shelves n drawers...

took me 2 days to fully unpack all the things..
but then it was my comics who were pain-staking..
coz i had to reorganize all of them, and as i said, think whether i'm gonna read this or see it as reference or anything at all..
so in the end i've decided to sell my comics ==
from this day onwards...
it has been the 6th day living here.. n i have to say i'm quite getting used to things.
It's just that the bed............ the mattress is new... so i'm still trying to cope with it...
but then, my back doesn't arch according to the mattress in 3 days -.-
so i hope it will fit perfectly into my back for,hmmmm.......... the rest of my life ==

plus these days the assignments r getting more again,
so gotta focus on them,
but then,
there's the new house chores...... orz
n i can't just sit there n do my assignments without a care in the world..
this house needs some help here n there....
so i'm balancing my world now..............

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