Sunday, November 18, 2012

Before and After! :D

 Weeks ago had nothing to do, so drew this for fun, and part of it to make myself feel much more "confident". orz

Anyways been a while since I've posted anything..
n I just have to say I'm still drawing.....
but then all my friends are harmonizing together slowly.. 
n the once foreign-feeling-like class of DG2 has become peaceful~
i know u, u know me~
that's what I seriously like..
a peaceful class/environment to concentrate on during classes. :D
oh gosh what crap m i talking about now.. ==

went to AFA2012 at singapore last week :D
It was waaay grander than the last few years... but then the crowd had grown too...
n that makes it even harder to "travel" around the area...
as usual i brought myself (n my bro :3) to the doujinshi/artists area..
i wanted to spend.... i've prepared enough money to do so..
but in the end i just bought some prints from artists i know...
there were 48 artist booths there.. but most of them didn't really interest me..
in the end i narrowed down my cart/to-buy list to the usual artists that i know n admire..
n as u know one of them is Kidchan :3 
Toonikun n kunisaki's prints were worth the buy too :D
found a new artist that draws portraits like mad, n bought his/her lightning fanarts too~
overall there were so many cosplayers, making everything look less dull.
I wanted to find 3 of my friends who are in the same class as me, 
and as they were cosplayers... it takes time to find them..
I heard that they were cosplaying Kuroko no Baske.. but i wasn't sure..
so i checked every cosplayer's face.. 
after finding them for four hours (plus walking around looking at merchandises), i gave up..
n then i passed by a subway restaurant nearby there.. there were a few cosplayers sitting there...
but i was too tired so i just passed by..

after i came back to malaysia...
i saw my friends' pictures...
they were the cosplayers at the subway restaurant!!!! O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they were cosplaying kuroko!!!!!!
stunned.... i just let it past..
at least i got my prints... = v ='' 

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